Recent Reads! " Summer Wars" Part 2

Title: Summer War’s Part 2
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

“Summer Wars” Part 2 was a lot more fun than Part 1. My husband again criticized the series for not faithfully representing the IT profession, to which I reminded him again that no one wants to see a manga about real IT work and workers because they are BORING. Again I recommend readers let “Summer Wars” take you into its world and just go with it.

The thing I ended up liking the most about “Summer Wars” is even though the events that are taking place on a global scale, the story itself is focused on the relationship between the members of one family and one couple. The family must come together to solve the global problem and Kenji and Natsuki must grow up and discover their true strength so they can lead in Granny Sekai’s place. It’s got action and sci-fi, but at the same time it’s grounded in a sweet old-fashioned slice-of-life scenerio. And to top is off, the pacing is very good. I couldn’t put the book down until I was done.

In summary, I give “Summer Wars” Part 2 an A, and the series as a whole an A-.  I highly recommend this series and I encourage you to purchase it to send Vertical the message that this is the kind of stuff we like. More please!

Link to review of “Summer Wars” Part 1

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