My Favorite Licensed Manga of 2013

Here’s the list the licensed manga from this year I read and I liked the most.  This isn’t a best manga list. I feel in no way capable of making those kinds of judgements, nor do I read much of anything that experts would consider “best”.  Actually, I was hard pressed to name any new licensed manga I really liked this year, so these are the works I sorta enjoyed, but I can’t say I’m cheerleading for any of these series.  The ongoing and other manga I read, though, I loved.

I decided to separate licensed manga from unlicensed manga, so I’ll start with licensed stuff first.  The lists are in alphabetical particular order.

My favorite new manga of 2013

  • “Another” by Yukito Ayatsuji and Hiro Kiyohara
  • “Ayako” (the super spy half of story) by Osamu Tezuka
  • “Heart of Thomas” by Moto Hagio
  • “Inu x Boku SS” by Coco Fujiwara
  • “Utsubora” – The Story of a Novelist by Asumiko Nakamura
  • “Vinland Saga”by Makoto Yukimura (Hubby’s pick)

Disappointing new manga of 2013

  • “Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz” by QuinRose and Mamenosuke Fujimaru
  • “Are you Alice” by Ikumi Katagiri and Ai Ninomiya
  • “Crimson Empire”by QuinRose and Hazuki Futaba
  • “Knights of Sidonia” by Tsutomu Nihei
  • “Midnight Secretary” by Tomu Ohmi
  • “Pink” by Kyoko Ozaki
  • “Sweet Rein” by Sakura Tsukuba”
  • “Wolfmund” by Mitushisa Kuji

 Favorite ongoing and other manga I read in 2013

  • “Blank Slate” by Aya Kanno 
  • “Bride’s Story” by Kaoru Mori
  • “Olympos” by Aki
  • “Skip Beat” by Yoshiki Nakamura
  • “The Betrayal Knows my Name” by Hotaru Odagiri

Series I dropped in 2013

  • “Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama
  • “Dawn of the Arcana” by Rei Toma
  • “Dengeki Daisy” by Kyousuka Motomi 
  • “Kamisama Kiss” by Julietta Suzuki
  • “Oresama Teacher” by Izumi Tsubaki
  • “Vampire Knight” by Hino Matsuri

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