News: Links to Scanlators Websites Removed from Manga Updates

Update:  Fix on Github (Install Greasemonkey to fix Firefox) — LINK

Manga Updates has removed links to scanlator websites from their listings.  Here’s a link to the explanation: Link

It is not clear who made the request and I don’t understand how one entity can claim copyright over the entirety of mangadom.  I have my suspicions, but I’ll keep quiet on it. For me it comes down to considering who benefits from the link removal.  Still, I don’t think this will make much difference, since the lazy leechers already go to manga aggregators (cough) exclusively, and those who want to go to the scanlator’s website already are and have set up bookmarks and feeds accordingly.

Fortunately, Manga Updates retains the links to groups’ Twitter feeds and Facebook, so in our case, readers will have more direct access to the release posts through Twitter. In light of this, instead of Tweeting the Tumblr posts, I’ll now Tweet the link to the release.  We will continue not having a Facebook presence.

Here are other ways you can keep up to date with our releases:

  • Crimson Flower’s RSS Feed (LINK)
  • You can join the Crimson Flowers site using the “Join this site” link in the right column.
  • You receive email update for Bakeneko’s Lair by subscribing on the website (LINK)
  • Bakeneko’s Lair RSS (LINK)
  • Twitter: @CrimsonFlowerRe, @Bakenekos_Lair
  • Release Only Tumblr (LINK), Kuroneko003’s Tumblr (LINK)

I’ll format the Release Only Tumblr today, and start posting notifications there with the next release. I am also added project pages to this Tumblr page.

Hopefully this will not be too much of an inconvenience. And please, join us in one of the alternative routes like Twitter and Tumblr.

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