What I Read This Week: "Wolfsmund" Volume 1

Initial Impressions: This is upsetting me. There’s no heart or morality in this manga. This is just a snuff manga. There’s no need for me to read past the first chapter.

Breakdown —
Artwork: A — It’s nice and clean. The action, violence, and emotions are very well expressed. Obviously my disgust wouldn’t be so palpable if the artwork wasn’t so effective.

Presentation: A — The cover is artwork is nice and give an accurate representation of what’s inside. The translation reads smoothly.

Story:  No-rating — I do not feel I can give a fair review of the story because this type of story offends me. For what it is, it’s well written, but the utter objectivity bothers me.

Overall:  A for everything except the story. The artwork is “lovely” and the translation reads smoothly and natural.  I cannot rate the story fairly because it disgusts me. If you are a tenderhearted person like me who needs “heart” and meaning in a story, avoid this. If you like abject violence, meaningless death, and stories about psychopaths, then this is the snuff manga for you.

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