October 2011 Purchases

Here’s the list of manga purchases I made during the month of October.

English Language:

  • “Karakuri Odette” Volumes 1 – 6 — A light and cute series about a robot who enters high school in order to learn to be human.  If you need to come up from a depressing series or just need to improve your mood in general, I highly recommend this series.  The romance is slow, but it’s cute and ultimately ends satisfyingly.  This is a Tokyo Pop series, so copies, both new and used are selling out.  I was able to get the complete series through a combination of orders from Amazon and Right Stuf.  4/5
  • “Black Butler” Volume 7
  • “Toradora” Volume 3
  • “Bride’s Story” Volume 2

Japanese Language

  • Athena Award winning One-shots 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010. 2011 — really great collections of one-shots.  I hope to get some of these out in English in 2012

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