Deb Aoki’s JManga Panel at Comic Con Write up

I’m very excited about JManga!  If you haven’t heard about JManga or want to know the latest about JManga, please read the excellent blog posts by Deb Aoki from the About Manga Blog.  Here are the links from Deb Aoki’s Twitterfeed:

“alrighty, as promised: here’s Part 1 of my look at, the new website for JP manga in English:

Here’s part 2 of my JManga articles with my interview with reps from Shogakukan, Futabasha, Kadokawa and Kodansha”

I’m working hard on our next release so I don’t have time to form and write down my thoughts about JManga.  But, please let our community know how you feel about JManga by writing a comment.  Once I get out of deadline panic, I’ll share my thoughts.  Sufficed to say, I’m cautiously optimistic and I would love to have Omari’s Sister participate in JManga if and when they do enlist the help of scanlation groups.

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