New Purchases (Aria Tankoubon and Others): February 24 – March 8

They’re here!

And they are quite nice! 

  • Magnolia Volume 1 (Amazon JP — Naked Ape) (Yes Asia $11.49 + $3.99 shipping)
    • Chapters 1 – 4 and Lily Chapter 1
    • Metallic Lettering on the cover jacket
    • Color page
    • Magnolia Archive!  Character sketches of Ayato, Lily, Hugo, and Nagi! Very nice!
  • Junketsu + Vampire Volume 1(Amazon JP) (Yes Asia)
    • Chapters 1 – 4
    • Color Page
    • 1-Page omake
  • Pika Ichi Volume 1 (Amazon JP) (Yes Asia $10.49 + $3.99 shipping)
    • Chapters 1 – 4
    • Extra Comic (non-Pika Ichi)
Note:  If you purchase $40 or more of merchandise from Yes Asia, shipping is free!

Other Purchases:

  • Toradora Volume 1 — The anime is quite faithful to the first volume of the manga. This version, though, looks kinda ugly because the publisher decided to type the English directly over the sound effects. 4/5
  • Oresama Teacher Volume 1 — I’m sorta torn on this one because I sense yet another student/teacher romance, but, I like the main characters.  I’m not sure whether there’s a story or whether there’s gonna be a story, but I’m interested to read Volume 2.  3/5
  • Butterflies and Flower Volume 6 — Ends on sour note with Domoto’s nasty ex-girlfriend.  I will be skipping over the ex-girlfriend chapters in Volume 7. 3/5
  • Kamisama Kiss Volume 2 — A very cute volume due to chibi Tomoe!  I’m eager for Volume 3! 5/5
  • Library Wars: Love and War Volume 4 — The conclusion of Iku and the commander’s kidnapping arc and Iku’s parents come to visit.  There’s a nice omake at the end.  5/5

If you want to buy some of these books, please consider buying them from the Omari’s Sister’s Amazon Store.  Support your favorite manga series and put a nickel in my pocket.


  • Really that showy.
    Really they are enough, it makes me happy si.o.o


  • yesasia used to have free shipping for $25 and up order *sigh*


  • Someday I will get them, someday!!!! Heh, I'm not used to Hugo being his name.. ::laughs:: Oh, well. I will though.

    Oh. Was the 1-page omake for J+K funny? She has those kinda of things in Barajou no Kiss and they're usually amusing.

    How nice. ^_^

    – Is it YenPress who translated Toradora? If so, I'm disappointed in them! They usually do a very wonderful job. If it was NOT them.. never mind! Lol.
    – No, no, no. I won't say anything other then, it's not what you think. 😀 Also, I ADORE this series! So very funny. I almost die laughing reading it.
    – Aw, Chibi Tomeo. ::huggles him::

    Hum, you like a lot of the manga's I like. ^_^ Keep up the good work! ::thumbs up:: Just kidding~



  • @Tin — “Toradora” is being published in the US by Seven Seas. I have no problem with sound effects left in the original Japanese as long as there's a translation nearby. But on top of the Japanese is just plain laziness. Yuck! Really? If I were the original artist I'd be extremely irritated.


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