Hana to Yume Girly All-Star Calendar

Yay! Check out the lovely freebie calendar that comes with Hana to Yume issue 1/2011!  I will be making wallpaper after I get through with the high priority releases for this month.  Anyhow, if you want your own calendar to hang on your wall, buy yourself a copy of the magazine.  I bought mine at Sanseido Book Store.  Unfortunately, Amazon Japan doesn’t stock Hana to Yume, so I can’t provide you with a link.  Akadot, though, does stock the magazine, but it comes in stock 4 – 6 weeks after the Japanese release.  I will provide a link to Akadot when the magazine in in stock.

Anyhow…my favorite page is the “Hana to Akuma” illustration for January 2011.  Now if only the editors of Lala magazine would reconsider and put out a decent calendar.


  • Let's see if I can guess most of them! ^_^
    Hisamu Oto: Gee.. I wonder..lol. Hana to Akuma.

    Natsuki Takaya: It's.. uh.. Hoshi wa Utau. I've never read it, though. I just recognize the image.

    Banri Hidaka: Um.. V.B Rose..? I'm not sure..lol.

    MATSUZUKI Kou: Her new series Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to!! I totally want to read it, but haven't gotten the chance.

    Izumi Tsubaki: Oresama Teacher! Awesome series with awesome characters. Knew that one right away. ^_^

    Tachibana Higuchi: Gakuen Alice. Another one I knew right away.

    Maki Minami: I know who she is.. but I don't know the series there.. *le sigh*

    Emura: Haven't a clue.

    Ryoko Fukuyama: Uh… That animal one.. Monochrome or something.

    Julietta Suzuki: Kamisama Kiss 😀

    Shigeru Takao: I only know her for Dear Mine, but her series Issho ni Neyou yo looks good.. I'm guessing that's the image.

    Mai Nishikata: Know her for Venus Capriccio.. but since that's been long over, I'll guess this one is… um.. Hana no Kishi.

    Yoshiki Nakamura: The ever so wonderful Skip Beat.

    Mizuho Kusanagi: Again, not a clue.

    It looks like it's a really good calendar!


  • I only know Hana To Akuma on the top left and Kamisama Hajimemashita on the bottom left.

    ladies and jentelmen, this is a proof of my amazingly vast knowledge of Manga.

    Show your respect!


  • If that estan very pretty I was charmed with the calendars ^^
    Did question want to do if someone knows if also they bring also to chili?
    Me encantaria if someone could answer the question ^^
    Thank you in advance
    Regards chile


  • @Daniela — contact Akadot. Perhaps they can arrange for International shipping.


  • @Tin

    Minami Maki: Seiyuu-ka!

    You're also right about Hana no Kishi.

    Really want to see HtA, Skip Beat!, Hana no Kishi, and Oresama Teacher. Thanks for the preview K3!


  • Ehh truth? O.o
    Already I see it will verify it
    Thank you very much ^^


  • Seiyuu Ka… -drools- :F
    I hope IGC gets a dedicated editor for this series soon @_@… it's been too long.


  • OMG!!! Hana to Yume issue 1/2011!! I think there is a new series called ヴァーリアの花婿 by あきづき空太(author of Akagami no Shirayukihime)in this issue. Can you please translate this series? Plz~plz~pleaseeee~?? >_<
    btw, I really love your high quality translations in Akagami no Shirayukihime!!!


  • I just got my copy of hana to yume yesterday. Love the illustration for hana to akuma too! It's pretty sad to see it end… T_T


  • @Tsukuyo — “Vahlia's Bridegroom” is in Lala magazine and we are already working on it. I will be out in January or February.


  • @Omari's Sister —
    oops, oh yeah…it's in LaLa…o_o”
    Anyways, thank you so much for translating it and 頑張って!!!! >w<~♥


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