New Manga Purchases: Oct 23 – Nov 9, 2010

  • Chobits Omnibus 1 (Clamp) — 720-pages! Contains color pages! It’s very nice!
  • Chobits Omnibus 2 (Clamp) — 688-pages! Contains color pages! It’s very nice!
  • Clover Omnibus (Clamp) — 512-pages! Contains color pages! It’s very nice!
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus 1 (Clamp) — 576-pages! Currently on sale for $13.49 on Amazon — This omnibus contains Volumes 1 – 3, along with a lot of beautiful color pages.  It’s big and high quality.  Most of the sound effects and dialog that is not in bubbles are left in Japanese with the English translation close by.  In a few cases no translation is provided which is a little frustrating.  Anyhow, if you’ve never read Cardcaptor Sakura, please do.  It really is delightful.  It reminds me of the many daydreams I had of being a magical girl when I was about 8 or 9-years old.  Oh, and the color pages are gorgeous! Some of them look like the artwork used for the introductory pages from its magazine serialization.  I highly recommend buying this if you are a Clamp fan or a fan of the series.  5/5
  • Yours and My Secret Volumes 3 and 4 (Ai Morinaga)
  • V. B. Rose Volume 10 (Banri Hidaka) — Ageha goes shopping with Arisaka mom, Ran, and learns about Arisaka’s sad childhood.  I wanted to slap Ran.  Anyhow, it’s a good read.  3.5/5
  • Apothecarius Argentum Volume 7 (Tomomi Yamashita) — out of print, but you can still buy copies from used book sellers through Amazon.

If you are considering purchasing any of these books, please consider purchasing from Omari’s Sister’s Amazon store.

A note about the omnibus additions:  The Clamp omnibus editions from Darkhorse are wonderful!  They are high quality and contain color pages with lots of original artwork.  These are truly great printed manga experiences!  I hope to see more Omnibus editions of manga series in the future.


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