New Manga Purchases: Sept 23 – Oct 22, 2010

If you are interested in purchasing any of these manga, consider buying ithem from my Amazon store and put a little bit of change in my pocket!

Link to Omarissister’s Amazon Store


  • I must agree that it's a bit juvenile, but I loved Lizard Prince when I read Aerandria's scanlations xD (Just got volume 2) It's just too cute. I'm a sucker for the strong girl and wussy boy pairings.

    Penguin Revolution, always considered buying it, but I want to finish buying some other series first :\ It's a great read though!

    Also got Gakuen Alice 12 and 13 today. (Alongside Beauty Pop 7 and Chocolat 4) I'm so happy!! ^___^v


  • Penguin Revolution vol. 7 — I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I still really like the series.
    Maid-sama! — I haven't gotten vol. 6 yet, but I'm sort of like you. I started skipping to get to the better parts.
    Dengeki Daisy vol. 2 — This series is awesome and so is the 2nd vol.
    Natsume's Book of Friends — While I really like the series.. it does tend to be on the sad, lonely Haven't gotten vol. 4 yet.
    Black Bird — Same response as
    Stepping on Roses & Honey Hunt — I am not a fan of SoR. The characters just irk me the wrong way. *shrugs* As for HH.. I got up to vol. 3 and am debating whether I should get the 4th. Hmm..
    Makami-sama Iu Toori — Oooh! That's by the same person who did Ultimate Venus! What's this one about?
    Black Butler — Have one volume and like it. I'm waiting until after I move to buy the others.

    All in all.. I like a lot of the same type of manga you


  • If that meet very good your purchases I am charmed with ¡
    ^^ they meet very good ¡
    Regards from chile


  • Oh my God, you got Blood Alone! I absolutely adore that series! Can't wait for the English omnibus (and the reserialization in November).


  • I was very satisfied with this volume of black butler. (this series quickly becomes an interesting read)
    I look forward to seeing how Ciel develops in the future.


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