New Manga Purchase: Week of June 6, 2010

  • “My Girlfriend is a Geek” — 1/5
    Ugh…, this manga had a promising title, but then shot itself in the foot.  The running gag in this series is that the main character’s girlfriend is into Shounen Ai manga and pushes her manga fantasies onto her boyfriend.  My brain simply screams out that no man with an ounce of self-respect would get wrangled into the situations the main character does and any sensible onnaotaku who wants to have a productive and mature relationship with a man knows to keep manga and anime SEPARATE from real life.   With that in mind, the whole situation seems forced for the purpose of being at the edge of titillation without actually being Shounen Ai.  Putting that aside, I have the sneaking suspicion the English version is heavily censored and watered down.  It read like something for a 13-year old as it tip-toed through the matters of being a Fujoshi.  I can’t even pretend I understand the “Fujoshi” thing, but I get the feeling this manga series doesn’t do this particular group of geeks justice.  Regardless, I couldn’t get through the entire first volume.  1/5 for being LAME. Stay away from this steaming turd.  (Also, this version put out by Yen Press has typos…sigh…)

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