List of Manga Magazine Freebies

Because some of you requested it, I started a list of the freebies that are included in the manga magazine I get from Japan.  This way, even if you don’t speak Japanese you can get yourself a magazine for the collectible you want.  If you do get the magazine, but don’t want it, please either recycle it or put it up for sale on the Internet so some other folks can enjoy it.

Here’s a link to the webpage: Link

Or you can access the page through the link on the first right sidebar column :).

For those of you wondering how to purchase these magazines, if you live a big city with a Japanese district, just visit a bookstore like Kinokuniya or Sanseido Books (inside of a Mitsuwa marketplace).  You can also order magazines through the Internet via Amazon Japan, Akadot, and Books Sanseido to name a few.  Books Sanseido actually will host a subscription for you, if you want to get the magazine regularly an avoid the pricey International postage.

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