Thoughts on Ouran Chapter 79

In general I liked Ouran chapter 79 because it gets back to the original spirit of Ouran and finally gets to the kidnap-Tamaki-from-the-main-residence heist that we’ve all been waiting for.  I am bothered by one thing, though.   If the host club members understand that Tamaki’s mom is not seeing him out of respect for Tamaki’s feelings, then why doesn’t the Host Club have that same respect for Tamaki’s feelings?  It seems to me like nobody is willing to give Tamaki the time work through his issues with his grandmother and father.  It’s not like Tamaki can’t visit Anne-Sophie once things are worked out.  It seems with the last conversation between Tamaki and Shizue, a breakthrough was made and, perhaps, Shizue realized that Yuzuru doesn’t hate her, but rather, he loves her and tried (rather clumsily) to make a family bond through Tamaki.  I think there’s no doubt, now, that Shizue has accepted Tamaki and that they will have a lovely grandparent-grandchild relationship because they have so many common interests.  I think at this junction, it’s only natural that Shizue lighten up and grant Tamaki freedom.  I think it’s also only natural for Shizue to finally recognize Yuzuru and tell him he’s worthy of carrying on Suou and that his wife and son are her family too.  I don’t think any Host Club interference is needed.  Personally…I think the ending with the woman’s shoes and the corner of another person’s shoe indicated that their planned heist will be short lived because those feet probably belong to Anne-Sophie or Tamaki’s grandmother.  My guess is that it’s Tamaki and his grandmother because that pair would best accelerate the ending of this story.  But I guess we shall see …Hmmm…I think after the current poll ends, that will be the next poll…

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