How do you Feel About Ouran Ending — Poll Results

I ended the poll a few days early because the results seem overwhelming clear.  85% of you projected warm feelings towards Ouran.  Here’s a summary of the results:

No!!! Ouran forever – 97 votes (26%)
I’m looking forward to a great ending – 215 votes (59%)
Get it over with – 19 votes (5%)
I lost interest long ago – 26 votes (7%)
What’s “Ouran”? – 5 votes (1%)

I voted “Get it over with” — but after reading chapter 79, I’m feeling a bit more positive.

And now the new poll!  Let’s speculate on the whose feet those are at the end of Ouran 79…


  • said that

    “I voted “Get it over with” — but after reading chapter 79, I'm feeling a bit more positive.“

    but that means exactly
    but after reading chapter 79, I'm feeling a bit more positive. “

    would soon end, or even lack some more


  • I'm feeling a little more positive about the ending of “Ouran” in general. I was starting to feel like I wanted it to end before it got any worse. I still want it to end, but I want it to end well. I don't want it to drag on in terms of Tamaki's family troubles, nor do I want it to end too abruptly in terms of Tamaki's relationship with Haruhi.
    I now feel a little more positive that the story will end well.


  • ahhh but think ouran ends in chapter 81???
    do not you think it would be too soon


  • Yes, I believe if the series ends at chp 81, as rumored, then the ending will be rushed and I will be disappointed. Because I have not seen any indications in the magazines that Ouran is ending soon, I think it's safer to say that Tamaki's family trouble story arc ends at chapter 81 — but we shall see.


  • if everyone's been saying that almost all would ouran 81
    ouran ahh thought it would all end in 81 but I think that would capitulo 81 was about the family problems of true tamaki?


  • I think the story goes that chp 81 would be the last chapter in volume 17 and, therefore, somehow, that's the end of the entire series. I don't think that logic works. I think it's best to wait until the author or Ouran distributor gives some official news on when the series will end. So far, I have NOT seen ANYTHING OFFICIAL indicating that Ouran is ending soon. I think, rather, the latest story arc will end at chapter 81, but we won't know for sure until chapter 81 comes and goes.

    It seems to me that Tamaki and Kyouya have a year more to go at Ouran and Hatori brought in Hani and Mori's little brothers. I think there's plenty of story left, particularly with regards to the relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki. But as I said before, there is nothing official, it's all just a rumor. Over a year ago I heard rumors of 84 and 87 chapters … so…???


  • I also agree I think there is much talk dle future of themselves and it all ends without any clear bone without heirs will especially Kyouya who else has that problem and nothing has happened with the family as was Ootori anime
    expect the light touch is that nothing is confirmed prot anto ahy to enjoy the series as Calros is that this part of history ended in this volume but I do not think the series just as fast


  • Indeed! I agree :)! We know nothing about Kyouka and we know he too has family problems. Where's his mother? What's the deal with his family? Will he become the Ootori successor? And what of Tamaki? Will he succeed Suou or Anneau or both? And Haruhi? It seems that she still knows nothing of the foreign exchange plan. What if she's actually interested in it? Not only that, Ouran is an escalator school, so there's an Ouran University too…yep, there's plenty of story left if Hatori chooses :).


  • ahhh finally someone agrees with me I feel happy and motivated because I too believe that
    Kyouya addition to what is unclear and is an important issue and will haruhi lawyer as insecure as she
    and what's going on with her trip abroad and I think the confession of tamaki and haruhi will not be normal not the typical confession that we saw in 79


  • GREAT!!! Then let's hope that chapter 81 is not the end :)! I really would like to see Haruhi and Kyouya abroad. I would love to see Haruhi's and Kyouya's characters grow even more.

    I also don't expect a conventional confession between Haruhi and Tamaki. As I've said in earlier postings, I don't think either of them is ready for a relationship. Both of them have a lot of growing up to do.


  • you are right even if they lack emotion haruhi grow and mature and Kyouya someone more daring than ever and like an idiot but tamaki mature kaoru hikaru and mature but still united
    and honey and mori with a great future
    so I think that even things that are missing in two chapters finalize everything besides Hatori has not said anything to reach the final


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