New Manga Purchases: Week of March 21st

  • Trinity Blood Volume 6
  • Trinity Blood Volume 7
  • Hana to Yume Issue 7
  • Hana to Yume Issue 8
  • Lala 5/2010 (Pick-up date 3/25)
  • Lala DX Issue 4/2010 (Delivery date 4/12)
  • Bessatsu Hana to Yume Issue 5/2010 (Delivery date 4/12)
  • Asuka Issue 5/2010 (Delivery date 4/12)
  • Gakuen Alice Volume 10 (purchased last week)


  • Nuuuu I was waiting for Gakuen Alice 10 to be stocked in my local Barnes&Nobles for weeks now!! No luck :\
    But it looks like you got a good batch this week.


  • I order most of my manga from Amazon. I pay the $79/yr to get the unlimited 2-day shipping for a year. That program is a real money saver!

    You should be able to order the book from Barnes and Noble website at the actual store. They don't charge shipping if you do it that way. Plus, the book will be delivered to the store and you can pay cash for it if you don't have a credit card. Talk to the folks at the helpdesk :).


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