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Me, personally, I hope Ouran ends on a high note!  And I’m looking forward to picking up a new series after it’s done :).  My thoughts, now, are to give “Love Sick” a second chance.  It’s actually a short series and after looking at some later chapters, I’m kinda curious about the characters.  Tell me what you think?


  • Since Bisco Hatori stopped writing Millenium Snow in order to focus on Ouran, when Ouran is over Bisco Hatori will probably pick up on Millenium Snow. If that happens in the future could you do the translating please? 🙂 I love Ouran and hope it has a great ending, since it's ending soon I'm hoping for a JDrama to come out. I've been waiting for a drama of Ouran to come out and I'll be sad when it's over as I have been reading a chapter each month for over two years now but as long as it all works out and there's a JDrama I'm happy!


  • If “Millennium Snow” resumes, I doubt I will pick it up. I read the two volumes that are currently available and I wasn't impressed. In the wake of all the popular Vampire dramas available, “Millennium Snow” seems sorta derivative at this time. Hopefully, Hatori will start something entirely new.


  • Honestly, I lost interest in Ouran long ago. I read the first seven volumes but when I saw where it was heading, I gave up. I liked how Hatori was parodying typical shojo mangas. I found it accurate and funny. But in my opinion, that alone isn't enough if there isn't a good plot. I think that was clearly lacking in Ouran but maybe I missed things. Otherwise, it can work for a few chapters, maybe a few volumes if the mangaka is skilled but no more.
    Actually, I have the same problem with Otomen so maybe this style simply doesn't suit me.
    About possible new series, I remember I liked the first chapter of Love Sick. Besides, it's only three volumes long, which is always a good thing, and I like this author's other works. However, precisely from what I have read so far of her series, I'm not sure Love Sick will be that good. Of course, I trust you when you say it might be interesting and if you scanlate it, I will read it, but there are probably more interesting neglected series. 😉
    Someone suggested Chotto Edo Made. The first chapter was intriguing so that could be interesting but of course, that's difficult to judge at this point.
    Otherwise, there's Sorairo Kaigan, a previous work of Yamada Nanpei. Lovers Dream scanlated the first chapters some ago and I remember I really liked them. Actually, that's what made me want to read OC. When you have time, maybe you could check it out ?


  • @Carolina — wrt Ouran, perhaps you should read past volume 7 because as of late the parody elements have been dropped and the drama kicked up to ridiculous proportions(IMO). Some people love the drama and some people do not. I'm not a fan of the current drama, but that's because I feel like it came out of nowhere and feels quite forced. But, who knows, maybe the current drama is what you felt Ouran was lacking.

    Yes, I agree, “Chotto Made Edo” looks very interesting. As for Nampei Yamada other series, I don't have a complete set of raws and I don't want to buy stuff unless I'm sure I really like it (I seriously don't have the storage space or the income for $30 overseas shipping). I like the idea of s 3-volume series because there's a definite end. I'm a little nervous about taking on a series that could run for years and years like Ouran or Hana-Kimi.


  • About Ouran, I don't know. I like drama, otherwise I wouldn't read shojos, but only when it feels natural and when it's not exagerated. And the series began in such a way that any dramatic turn would seem forced in my opinion.

    It's clear that the risk with Chotto Edo Made is that it could end up being very long. The author wrote Kare Kano after all.
    I perfectly understand why you prefer short series. Even from the point of view of a reader, it's reassuring. If you liked the first chapters, you know you're not going to lose interest.
    About Sorairo Kaigan, I found the raws of the first five volumes on the net and reuploaded them for someone else some time ago. I can send them to you if you're interested.
    The quality is unexpectedly good so I think they can be used for scanlation. Even if it's not the case, at least you will be able to read the series since it's 6 volumes long. That way, you will be able to see if it's worth it of not.


  • @Carolina — Indeed! That's what scares me about “Chotto Made Edo” I don't know where it's going.

    Yes, go ahead and send me a link to “Sorairo Kaigan.”


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