Kuma-Chan Headband!!!

Check out this cute piece of Lala loot!  If you want you own Kuma-Chan headband buy a copy of Lala 4/2010.  It’s available from Amazon Japan now, or you can wait a 2 – 3-weeks and buy a copy of Lala 4/2010 from Akadot.

It’s so ADORABLE!  It even has a tail.  I’m thinking of making it my new “thinking cap” (my current thinking cap being a princess crown of flowers with flowing ribbons — Oh, you wish I was kidding ;p).


  • Ahaha, a Kuma-chan headband!! How cute! I might go buy Lala 4/2010 now if I can find it in my bookstore:P

    I know that you haven't got your hands on Lala 5/2010, but would you be able to tell me what comes with it this month when you do? Last year one of the Lala editions came with Ouran playing cards but I didn't know, so now I can't get them T__T

    Thanks so much! For this, and for your work on Ouran :3


  • @Marianne: If you live in the US or Canada, I may be able to help you with the Ouran cards. I have 3 decks. Send me a private e-mail.


  • Also, I think other people would like to know about the extras that come in the magazines so they can the mag for extras despite not knowing Japanese. I'll do a monthly blog entry.


  • Thank you so much..I love knowing what free stuff you can get 😀

    Thanks so much for the offer!! Unfortunately I live in Australia T__T Damn!! I wished i lived in the US now! I'd love it if you'd send it over, but I know it's probably too much of a hassle..

    Ahh so excited about 79! 😀


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