New Manga Purchases: Week of January 24, 2010

  • Black Butler Volume 1
  • NG Life Volume 1
  • Black Bird Volume 3
  • Otomen Volume 5
  • Pandora Hearts Volume 1
Reviews and Comments on other recent purchases:
  • Butterflies and Flowers Volume 1:  It’s a nice start to a series for women.  In this series, former rich girl Choko Kuze is employed at a real estate agency by her ex-servant Mr. Domoto (“with a heart”).  Basically, he acts psycho, swinging between being a hard-driving sexual harassing boss and a sweet and loving servant.   It has some very funny moments.  I can’t say I approve of the harassment, though.  3.5/5  Hopefully, it gets better.
  • Happy Cafe Volume 1:  Adult Kuroneko003 found this first volume of this series very commonplace and predictable.  It was so predictable that there was no reason to finish the entire volume.  1/5 12-year Kuroneko003 who is just reading her first manga series thought it was very cute and related to the baby faced female protagonist and her budding crush on the much older cake making guy.  Oh, but then there’s the hottie assistant, who’s always falling asleep because he’s hungry, to consider.  I wonder what will happen next?  Will she and the cake making guy kiss?  4/5

If you are interested in purchasing any of these manga, please check out my Amazon Associate Store and give me a nickle for my trouble ;p.

Link to Omari’s Sister’s Amazon Associate Store

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