First Impression of Winter 2010 Anime Series

My husband and I just finished watching the first episodes of the some of the new series for Winter 2010.  Here’s a quick rundown of what we thought.

Soro no Woto:  A military Bugle/Trumpet anime set in a time that looks kinda WWII-ish.  It’s slice of lifey and the main character acts like a six year old.  We’re continually amazed at how in Japanese stories, legends and glorious histories are made up about everything, even the bugle.  I suppose this story will follow our main character, Kanata, as she masters the Bugle…hmm…we’ll give it another episode before deciding whether to stick with this series or move on.

Chu-Bra: We didn’t even make it through the intro credits before we decided to move on.  It appears to be a series about Pantsu.

Baka to Test to Shokanju (Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings):  The title pretty much sums it up.  There are students.   They are divided into classes based on an entrance exam.  The better the student does, the better the classroom amenities.  The classes can fight for amenities using summoned beings whose attributes are determined by taking yet more tests. Obviously, some genius is trying to integrate academic excellence with gaming.  This anime is highly stylized and incredibly ironic.  It will be interesting to see how they manage to pull 12 episodes out of something that should only span one or two, at the most, episodes.

2nd Episode:  Hilarious!!!   “Baka go Home!!!”

Durararara!:  This one starts out pretty slow with some dweeby sheltered teenage boy meeting his best friend for his first night in Tokyo.  Interspersed with this pointlessness is a kidnapping, a bad-assed chick on a motorcycle, and an Internet chat about the bad-assed chick on the motorcycle.  I like the chick and the Internet chat, but the dweeb I could do without.  I don’t know what the intention is with the dweeb, but I imagine in some way he’ll get wrapped up the bad-assed chick either in real life or the afterlife or whatever…Actually, my husband and I were looking forward to the dweeb’s death, but it didn’t happen.  We thought maybe he’d become the BA Chick’s helper.  Anyhow, this series looks to be the most promising of the series we’ve sampled so far.

The 2nd Episode sucked!!!  My husband fell asleep and I struggled to stay awake as it rehashed the first episode.  Apparently, the cool biker chick and the cool guy are just McGuffins to tell boring stories of teenage angst — like any of us need to watch more stories about teenage angst!  I feel dubed…

Seikon no Qwaser:  The words “WTF” come to mind.  Apparently, the hero is powered by Holy Milk…STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERIES.  IT’S SERIOUSLY WRONG AND UNWATCHABLE.

Ladies vs. Butlers:  Another show about patsu and oppai, but this time showcasing maids.  Uh, fetish?  I quit watching after the first 10-minutes.

more to come …


  • I'm somehow interested in “Dance in the Vampire Bund” too. What do you think about the voice cast?


  • @samantha-lim88: Hmm…I wasn't paying any particular attention to the voice acting. I imagine since I wasn't annoyed, then it must have seemed pretty natural to me. I'll pay attention when I watch the next episode.


  • On Durarara . . .

    The dweeb . . .you mean Mikado? Haha, he does appear as one. But I like him (I'm really fond of those who seem like a loser but there's actually more about him which we'll only discover later)

    But you liked the chat . . . and the dweeb is in it xD Hehehe

    Anywayz, told ya this series is awesome xD Hahahha!


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