New Manga Purchases: Week of January 4, 2010

Thanks to all of you who purchased my lightly used manga, I am able to purchase new manga!  This week I purchased:

Butterfiles, Flowers Vol 1
Happy Cafe Vol 1
Ultimate Venus Vol. 6 (Yes, it’s actually shipping soon!) — Nope…apparently, Amazon and were just tricking.  It’s back to no inventory status with no release date.

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Buy my lightly used manga here at my Amazon Store.  There’s plenty of good stuff left!


  • Such bad news…I also bought the first 5 volumes a few months ago and I'll be quite pissed if Ultimate Venus gets cancelled like that, since it's only 4 more volumes. Guess I'll keep checking amazon… 😦


  • Are you going to translate 6-9 of Ultimate Venus? : ). I'm reading vol. 2 now.


  • Alica — I have mo plans to translate “Ultimate Venus” because my schedule is currently very packed. I will buy volume 9 and see where the story ends up. When I have some time, I'll reconsider the matter. I think what would be best to write up summaries since it is still technically licensed.


  • I'll be happy with anything haha! I really need to learn how to read “Japanese”. I can buy manga cheaper, including shipping, over there than buying the English translation from a store here.


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