Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen to Ouran Comparisons

I been browsing the ZHD forums lately and I got a couple of comments about the ZHD Kiss fan art I did and apparently there are some that think ZHD is like “Ouran”. I’ve felt this way too while translating the manga. Obviously, Yuda and Haruhi look almost identical and have very similar reactions to the realization of their feelings. In many ways I feel that Yuda and Haruhi are the same character, but cast in a different universe. With respect to the Johanne and Tamaki, they too share looks and they both have delusional thoughts about their desired women wearing a cute sundress and a hat. I think, though, that is as far as it goes. Johanne is straight forward with his feelings and is a shrewd, kick-ass battle hardened killer whereas Tamaki is 100% “lover” and 0% “fighter”, as well as a buffoon (well … given that kidnapping episode, it’s possible that Tamaki could go ape-sh** crazy if anything were to happen to Haruhi or any of his friends (BTW: that would be AWESOME) — still, it doesn’t seem to take much to make Johanne tear through some baddies). Clearly, Johanne is more mature than Tamaki, but strangely, I think I like both Johanne and Tamaki about the same. They are both great characters and I care very much about what happens to them.

What do you all think? Leave a comment.


  • Hah! The author Akane Ogura is friends with Bisco Hatori, does it explain some things? While Hatori commented that Ogura’s drawings were beautiful and mature. She also wanted to call her “big sis”.


  • @Mariko — I read similar things in other forums. I don’t know how true this is though. I went back and reread Ouran over the past few days and how Haruhi is drawn gradually changes over time. She didn’t originally look much like Yuda (or maybe it should be the other way around ???) Hahaha!!! I still think the personalities are similar, though.

    As for the ZHD surprise kiss scene, it looks very much like the scene in Ouran during the first thunderstorm (vol 3, I think) when Haruhi jumps from inside the armoire into Tamaki’s arms. I think everyone has a very strong desire to Haruhi and Tamaki confirm their feelings through a kiss. Given the latest developments in Ouran, personally, I would like for Haruhi to make the first move and push poor Tamaki out of his misery. We’ll see though. … thinking a little more … I wonder if Tamaki’s father, Yuzuru, set-up his son up for a confrontation with the grandmother. My feeling is for Tamaki to have Haruhi <>AND<> be the Suou successor (in addition to seeing his mother and having a whole family), he has to prove he can get from underneath the thumb of that domineering old lady head of the family — in other words, Tamaki has to become head of the family by force (or charm). Hahaha!!! Tamaki’s going to need a lot of help from Kyouya … I guess we’ll see …


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