Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 9

This chapter with some scanned images is posted to Omari’s Sister’s Translations

We begin this chapter with Yuda all decked out with accessories and a pouty face (she looks a bit like Princess Leia with her hair in side buns. On top of the side buns there are flowers with jewelry dangling off of them. She is wearing large round earrings and big collar necklace.) Apparently Yuda has returned home and she is sitting next to her father in the midst of his harem and servants.

Yuda’s father says with a hearty laugh, “Sa, Yuda, stop crying. Your favorite foods have been prepared, so eat and cheer up!”

Yuda narrates,” There’s a reason I have been forced to return home to the inner court.”

Yuda’s father, looking like quite the doting father, holds up a necklace with a big jewel dangling from it. “Here, here,” he says. “Put this on. This is the ruby that was discovered earlier in the mine.” He then lifts Yuda up by her arms like a child. “It’s been a while since we spent time together. Come sit on Daddy’s lap.” This is too much for Yuda who is now struggling to get away. Yuda leaves the banquet crying and her father is now broken-hearted.

Yuda continues to narrate to explain the situation. Several days have passed since the lies have been spread about Johanne’s participation in the Azarie Massacre. The people of her country believe the lie and are gossiping about Yuda’s return and the rumor that Johannes cheated on her. Yuda, though, believes in Johanne, but is still lamenting about the stolen kiss. She narrates, “In that instant, I didn’t know what to do and hurt Johanne-sama. I want to apologize as soon as possible, but given the current situation, we can’t even see each other.” Yuda is sitting on her bed reflecting on the incident as tears well up in her eyes. Her father enters the room and tries to comfort her. “How pitiful. Give up on him already.” He then hands her a portfolio. “Hey, come look at this picture. He’s quite the man” he says.

“What is this?” Yuda asks.

“Elumiya Nayalu. He is a decendent of the former kingdom of Judecca,” Yuda’s father explains. “He is the man who is providing charity to Azarie. Do you want to meet him?” he offers.

Yuda asks more about the former kingdom of Judecca and her father explains that Judecca was once a country, but was wiped out and split north and south between Canaan and Meteora. He then asks Yuda if she would marry Elumiya. Yuda without any thought, throws the portfolio to the ground. Her father in distress says, “Ah, wait Yuda! Don’t feel bad! This is all for your sake! Now that you are separated from your old love, a new love can begin.” Yuda yells back, “Enough! Father is an idiot!!” Again, Yuda’s father is heart-broken. He stretches out his hands to a daughter who has already left the room.

Yuda is now walking down the hall and thinking. “Forget Johanne-sama, what a joke! Johanne-sama is the only man I will marry!” As she proceeds down that hall, she overhears some servants gossiping about her and Johanne. They say being with that devil was impossible and they are glad they broke up quickly. They then say that if she had stayed with him, Yuda would have eventually betrayed them. Yuda then reflects on her relationship with Johanne. She thinks, “Our love began as a play to end the war. From the start I lied to protect my countrymen. But, …” She remembers how Johanne told her she was the most adorable (precious) person in the world to him. “Since then,” Yuda continues, “I began to want to be together. But if everyone wants the opposite, what should I do?”

Later, Yuda is sitting with her father. He tells her by all means she must go to Azarie next week to accompany Elumiya. Yuda is suprised. Yuda’s father sympathizes with her and says, “I know how you feel but this time the people distrust you. Refusing will incite them more.” He rises and pats Yuda on the back. “I feel sorry for you and that country’s prince, but thinking about yourself will only lead to regret.”

Meanwhile … at the the Canaan/Meteora border, one of Yuda’s handmaidens is driving a truck. The border guards ask to inspect what she is carrying. The guard recognizes her and asks how Yuda is doing considering the situation with Johanne. The handmaiden, named Raquel, explains that Yuda is still depressed and that she is bringing home some of Yuda’s favorite things to cheer her up. The back of the truck is filled with large packages and a hooded woman with long black hair holding a large pot. Upon closer inspection, we see that it is Johanne who looks beautiful in drag. He gives his best otome smile to the guard and the guard blushes because he is taken by Johanne’s beauty. The guards finish with their inspection and warn Raquel that there are bandits in the area. As they drive off, the young blushing guard asks the other other guard if they’ve seen that beautiful girl before. Johannes questions whether it was good that the inspection caught nothing. Raquel explains because of his presence disguised as a woman, the guards couldn’t inspect the cargo at will. Johannes complains he only looks like a woman because of the wig. Raquel further explains the guards knew her because she is one of the Princess’ ladies in waiting. She further explains, “The is no person who looks like Johanne-sama here.” (homage to the famous Star Wars scene with Ben Kenobi on Tatooine! Nice!) “Shut up!” Johanne retorts as he takes off the wig. As they continue down the road, Raquel continues to tease Johanne, suggesting they take a picture for Yuda’s scrapbook collection.

Later … Yuda has arrived in Azarie. It is a Mediterranean looking town with a rubble and dirt patch lying just outside of the residential area. As Yuda walks out into the street, the people give her a look of worry and suspicion. Then Elumiya greets her. He apologizes for suddenly calling her out, but explains he wanted, by all mean, to accompany her to this year’s festival. He then leads her to a beautiful rose garden that is being tended by the local citizens. Before the war, he explains, the city thrived off of rose production, but during the several years of military occupation, roses went out of fashion. However, since the war has ended, the citizens have replanted and they pray for the peace to continue so the flowers can bloom. He then formally invites Yuda to the festival and Yuda nervously accepts.

As they walk through the garden, the citizens continue to give Yuda the stink-eye. Sensing Yuda’s discomfort, Elumiya offers some hope. He says, “It’s ok. The people will unite. There is no reason for them to consider you the enemy. The grudge will disappear as long as you are with me.” Yuda smiles and says, “So it’s ok?” Meanwhile, two boys come running out of nowhere and shock Yuda. Elumiya, in a move typical of Johanne, takes the opportunity to embrace Yuda. He asks if she’s ok and Yuda quickly escapes his arms to the safety of her other handmaiden. Yuda nervously explains that she is ok. Elumiya tries to lighten the situation by saying, “with much protection, you ought to be ok.”

Yuda vigorously pushing Elumiya back replies, “It’s because my father pointlessly tried to aggressively sell me some line about a marriage proposal.”

Elumiya returns, “You’re cute, so I’d be happy to marry you.” Yuda retreats further behind her handmaiden. She very uncomfortable. Meanwhile the two boys begin to tell Elumiya about their dispute. Apparently one boy stole a flower and the other boy hit him in retribution. Elumiya, like a saint, pats the boys on the head and explains regardless of the situation it is not good to act violently. Yuda and the handmaiden looked on impressed by the way Elumiya has handled the situation.

Yuda is now in a big residence (presumedly Elumiya’s). She is looking out onto town through some french doors when her handmaiden approaches and says, “The people of this town like him and he has nice things. He’s very different than the Prince.” Yuda turns around and smiles, and says, “Indeed, very different” She then imagines that Johanne would discipline the boys from before with swift slaps and take off running after her and tell her she doesn’t act cute after escaping his hug. … Then the tears start to flow. Elumiya walks in the scene. Yuda tells him some trash is in her eyes causing her to tear-up. Elumiya, not fooled, directly asks if she is upset over Johanne. He then tells her Johanne is not suitable and it would be best for her to forget about him. Yuda explains to Elumiya, “I cannot do that! Whatever the articles said about Johanne-sama is wrong! Johanne-sama is …”

Elumiya cuts her off mid sentence and asks, “How can you love such a person? He has killed so many people. Aren’t you scared?” Yuda is shocked. Elumiya tells Yuda to look around at the destruction Johanne has caused to Azarie.

Elsewhere, but close by, Johanne, once again with the wig back on is walking down a street with Raquel. They are leading a pair of horses that are hauling some big packages. Johanne tells Raquel it’s strange being back in Azarie and a flood of memories are coming back to him. Raquel explains she doesn’t have much experience in this part of town and then asks Johanne more about his thoughts on the city. He explains he can’t ignore what happened here since becoming engaged to Yuda. Raquel asks what he intends to do about it and Johannes explains, “Now, I’m going to see the Princess by smuggling myself into the country.”

Raquel then explains, “We have grown up with Yuda-sama since childhood. Selfishly, we think of her as our little sister.” She continues, “To stop our cute little sister’s tears, there is no danger we are unwilling to bear.” Johanne is a little scared by Raquel’s devotion. Raquel now longs to be by Yuda’s side. As they continue, a large number of men in jeeps and on horse back ride into town. Johanne asks Raquel why there are a large number of armed men on the stree. Raquel says, “Why, indeed. They aren’t our military.” Johanne then asks whether they are the bandits who have been prevalent recently.

Back to Yuda and Elumiya’s argument: The tension is broken by the sound of gunshots. A man runs in and tells Elumiya bandits have come and they are all over the street pillaging and demanding everyone comply with their demands. Yuda is visibly shaken. Elumiya seems unfazed and tries to guide Yuda to a passageway to safety. Yuda, surprised, asks Elumiya if there are guards to protect the citizens and then offers her guards’ assistance. Elumiya explains carelessly opposing the bandits will put the two of them in danger, so it is better to give into their demands. He says he has a fortune to protect, so there’s no reason for him to meet death. Meanwhile the bandits have grabbed a young woman and are threatening to cut her throat. The young woman is screaming for help. Yuda runs back to the window and Elumiya tells her to hurry to safety and let the peasants be. He says some sacrifices can’t be helped. Yuda snaps and delivers and swift and powerful slap to Elumiya’s face. She then takes off running to defend her citizens. “Certainly every life is precious” she thinks as she runs. One of the bandits continues to the terrorize the young woman and then Yuda arrives and whacks the bandit over the head. Yuda then grabs the young woman’s hand and they run to escape. The citizens look on in amazement while he bandits give chase. Yuda narrates, “Fighting is bad, so I though. But I have to protect these beautiful flowers by force.” Yuda and the young lady are forced into a corner. The bandits are approaching and talking about how amused they are to encounter Princess Yuda. As they reach out to harm Yuda, Yuda reaches in her robe and reveals that she’s packing “heat.” YES! Yuda has a hand gun and she’s ready to use it (I grin with so much delight! You go girl!!! Defend yourself and your citizens!!!) But before she can act the two bandits have already fallen to the ground. They have been shot by a robed woman with long black hair who is standing before her. Yuda immediately realizes it Johanne. She asks him why. He explains since their last encounter (the stolen kiss) he has wanted to apologize, so he dressed up like one of her handmaidens. With the situation diffused, the people run towards Yuda. Johanne tell Yuda to go with them to safety and that he has a little cleaning up to do. Yuda asks why he saved the citizens. Johanne says, “because I want to look cool in front of my beloved.” He turns and heads off telling Yuda he will return soon, so she should wait where she is.

In the streets, the bandits are harassing the citizens and being general nuisances. Johannes, dual wielding a sword and a gun, coldly and efficiently rips through the bandits. Yuda narrates as the fight proceeds,

“He won’t say should such beautiful (pure) things like for the sake of the people or for the sake of peace. His hands certainly don’t act for that reason. It’s always to protect me and my precious people.”

The citizens are horrified as they are being saved. The bandits realize that their attacker is the Northern Prince and try to kill him, but are unsuccessful, as it seems Johanne is truly a steely-eyed bad-ass (Hellz YEAH!!!). With the last of bandits cut down, Johanne stops. The street is blood covered and Johanne is blood covered. The citizens are scared crapless and don’t speak. Johanne turns to face them, the blood of the dead is running down half of his face. The people finally speak. “Devil” says one of them. “The Death God of the North …” says another. Johanne wipes the blood from his face as they begin to yell at him. One yells, “Leave!!!” A young boy yells the people of the North killed his father. And then a chorus of “get out!” “Return!” begins. Johannes, says, “I get it, I’ll leave!!” to the ungrateful people. Then from the back of the crowd of citizens, Yuda emerges. She has a very sorrowful look in her eyes. Johannes tell her to stay back, but instead Yuda runs forward and embraces a very shocked Johanne. The citizens are shocked and confused. Yuda narrates:

“I always supported and cheer up my countrymen. I always thought I could live up to their hopeful expectations and become a splendid Queen. But now I want to be with this person. Even though, everyone will speak ill of me and be disappointed, I will always be together with him”

While this narration is going, Johannes looking very distressed, (like he didn’t want Yuda to witness this) begs Yuda to let him go because she will get dirty. Yuda cries on his chest and Johanne looks down. His arms are held out before him, rather than wrapped around Yuda in comfort. He finally gets it and accepts her affection as he closes his eyes and returns the embrace. The final scene is them together embracing as the sun sets. The scene pulls back and we see the loving couple in the middle of the street surrounded by scared citizens, blood, and dead men.

—— AUGH!!! Don’t you all want to know what happens next?!!! ——
I’m dying to know, but I promised KYMH … :). So … it’ll have to wait.

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