ZHD Wallpaper Available on Omari’s Translations

Here is my very first wallpaper. I had to take the image into Fireworks to work with items I imported easier. I purchased a couple doily drawings from iStockPhoto and a floral flourish to complete the look.yudabg1_sm1

I also made a wide screen version for TV, laptops, and wide screen monitors.

yudabg1920x1080Yippee! All of these files will be made available in the goodies section of the Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen on Omari’s Sister Translations. I will also post some more variations of this and the PSD files for those who want to make their own fan art.


  • You are so good at that stuff!


  • I couldn’t figure out how to send you a private message but I was wondering if you have any new info on Arakure or Ouran?


  • Alicia — I’ve been working translating ZHD chp 9. I have quickly skimmed Ouran chp 70 — it looks like Tamaki’s family is making moves to separate Haruhi from Tamaki by getting Haruhi to leave Ouran. As for “Arakure”, I haven’t had a chance to look at volume 7 yet. My plan is to finish up ZHD chp 9 and either resume “Arakure” or “Faster than a Kiss”Thanks for the comment on the artwork. 🙂


  • Well my vote is for Arakure. Also, Tamaki is always get flack from his family.


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