Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 7

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Today Johannes is teaching Yuda self-defense as two of the palace guards look on. As they spar, Johannes asks Yuda why she wants to study self defense. Yuda explains that Johannes’ protection is not an excuse for her to be weak. She wants to get stronger through lots of training. Meanwhile one of the onlooking guards thinks that the training is an excuse for them to be together, followed by the other guard remarking about how happy Johannes looks. Meanwhile Johannes has pulled a fast one and is now happily hugging a very embarrassed and surprised Yuda (<3)

“At least wait until a wedding date has been set. Until then, if you don’t show restraint it will be troublesome.”

And then they take Yuda away remarking about how all men are wolves and then give Johannes the stink-eye. Johannes, getting in the last word, yells, “When we are married you better be as adorable as I want! Be prepared!

Later, Yuda is studying at her desk. She thinks about how they have been engaged for 6-months and even though there’s a meeting about the wedding today, the date will not be set at that meeting. She thinks disliking Johannes is what she should be doing from her standpoint and then back to the fact that the date has not been decided. She sighs … Surprised by her emotions, she shakes her head to clear the thought.

“When I’m beside him my heart beats so fast. But marriage! How ever I think about it, it’s impossible! But if we are married … It is likely I will …”

She stops that thought as she imagines herself kissing Johannes and then falls to the ground crying about how she can’t possibly be adorable in front of him. “For the sake of the people, can I be so unwilling to sacrifice?” she thinks. The handmaidens are looking on, trying to figure out what’s Yuda’s problem. Yuda knows that she will most likely resign herself to a happy life with Johannes.

Later Yuda is walking outside in the inner court colonnade when some guards go rushing past her in the opposite direction. Yuda asks them what has happened. She follows and find Johannes sitting on a short wall drying himself off with the help of his own pair of handmaidens. One of them explains to Yuda that Johannes has just been in an accident. Johannes further explains that the brakes failed and that if he had been driving faster he could have dug up the castle wall. On top of this, the brakes are only a small part of a series of accidents that have been happening lately to him. He tells Yuda that a vase also came falling as he was walking in the garden. This greatly worries Yuda, but their conversation ends early as one of the palace guards informs Johannes that Ralph-sama has arrived. Johannes stops and looks terrified of whoever this Ralph-person is. One of the palace guards tells Yuda that Ralph is Johannes’ relative and the household teacher. Yuda further wonders about their relationship since Johannes had such a terrified look on his face.

Later, Johannes meets up with Ralph. Ralph has a stern look on his face and his arms are folded in dissatisfaction.

Ralph: I’d greet you properly but you kept me waiting for so long. Even though I called, telegraphed, and went out of my way to meet you, I had to wait.

Johannes: You came without much notice.

Ralph: That’s because if you knew, you would have run away.

Johannes: That’s because school was so hellish, ultimately I wanted to run away from all the studying. Anyhow, get beyond talking about childhood. What do you want to talk privately about?

Johannes sits in a chair looking very calm and relaxed. He smiles a bit.

Ralph: Last month you arrested Claspel. They were acquitted and released.

Johannes: Did they bribe the judge or the prosecutor?

Ralph: Your elder brother Yoshua-sama acquitted them. That weapon’s merchant knew it was pointless to go up against the “hero.” For Yoshua, he would seem to be an eyesore compared to his younger brother, don’t you think?

Johannes: To sum it up the elder brother grouped with criminals to crush me, the usually estranged younger brother.

Ralph: That brother of yours … how’d he entice Claspel?

Johannes: My brother is really a reckless guy.

Ralph: Don’t say that about him! You and that princess are more reckless. It’s great the war is over, but you standing as the virtuous man can only lead to your death.

Johannes: Stop speaking of death as if I’m its poster child (flag boy). … Well, if I’m going to think about when I die, I can’t complain because I don’t intend to die without a fight. I bought the war I was sold.

Johannes smiles thoughtfully in reflection.

Meanwhile, Yuda is reading Johannes latest entry in their exchange diary. It says:

“It seems like we are apart a lot. It’s dangerous so we can’t meet. Of course, continue to exchange this diary. So if anything happens, write it here.”

Yuda freaks at the message, puts on here cloak, and takes off running to find out what’s going on with Johannes’ safety. Yuda stops a pair of palace guards and frantically asks if Johannes is in danger and who’s after him. She asks if it’s people from her country. The guards tell her to calm down and left them do their jobs. They tell her to return so she isn’t targeted too. Yuda complains to them about how it’s been difficult for her and Johannes to see each other and for that reason she wants the criminals quickly captured. The guards say, ” … I see

“When he’s sleeping, he’s such a prince. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth … such long eyelashes and hair the same gentle color of flax.”

She reaches out to caress him and then stops herself. She recalls Johannes saying, “I want to touch you because I like you.”

“Love = touch” Yuda thinks to herself. “Touch = love” she thinks further. She then thinks that she’s being stupid … and in walks Ralph who catches her in the middle of her internal struggle.

Ralph: I returned because I heard Johannes-sama is bedridden. So he hasn’t been taking enough care of himself.

Yuda: Eh?

Ralph: I didn’t make it in time to warn him.

Yuda: … you are?

Ralph: My name is Ralph. I’m sorry I didn’t greet you earlier.

Yuda: The warning … what do you know about this matter? Who is the group responsible for this murder attempt?

Ralph: The person is part of group from outside the country. This is your fault.

Yuda looks very shocked hearing someone confirm what she already believes.

Ralph: Do you know the reason Johannes is together with you, the enemy country’s princess?

Yuda: Why … we are together to end the war.

Ralph: He was a intimidator. Binding for peace wouldn’t move this former soldier.

Yuda: …

Ralph: If the war continued, no soldier would have said anything. The Johannes-sama of then was considered a hero. Because he had the support of the people and the soldiers, the King and Parliament had to comply with his rash demand.

Yuda: … sonna (hard to express in English)

Ralph: You really think that peace was the only reason?

Yuda: But my father and brothers?

Ralph: A secret agreement with your father was concluded in advance. Of course Canaan was at a numerical disadvantage, so your father thought it wasn’t a bad offer.

Yuda: …

Ralph: This is how Johannes-sama’s objective was realized. It was easy to rally the people once the scary people left.

Ralph: Clearly, I’m opposed to your engagement. Since you have been together, he has been exposed to danger. A child so stupid he was cute. When he was a child, I was always with him. If I could, I would not let any harm come to him.

Ralph turns to leave the the room.

Ralph: He’s in love, so please give that some consideration in your thoughts.

A little later, Johannes awaken to a an empty room. He calls out to Yuda.

It’s night and Yuda is walking in the inner courtyard lost in thought.

“If it was for peace, any kind of sacrifice would not be distasteful so I thought. I hadn’t thought about the reason Johannes-sama put himself in so much danger. But love isn’t the reason if was the old Johannes.”

She then sees one of the guards collapse on the ground. There is a cup of tea spilled on the floor. She wonders whether it’s a sleeping drug and then immediately suspects the doctor. She begins to run to Johannes’ room to makes sure he’s safe. On her way there she catches up to the doctor. She asks him to wait. He tells her that he is on the way to give Johannes the painkillers he’s requested. Yuda asks to see the pills and then asks him if he had anything to do with the sleeping guard. The doctor then turns on her and pulls a scalpel out. Yuda sharpens her gaze and mentally prepares herself for the fight. “If being with me is putting Johannes-sama in danger, then I will protect Johannes-sama.” She then grabs the doctor by the arm and flips him over her shoulder and onto his back. She tells him to settle down and that the guards will be on the scene soon. The doctor is stronger than Yuda, though, and breaks free and flips her on her back and begins to choke her. Yuda regrets how she couldn’t protect Johannes as she struggles. And then suddenly the doctor falls. Johannes is standing before her with his sheathed sword in hand. “I want to be together with him” Yuda thinks as she runs into his arms.

Johannes: Again, you are in danger.

Yuda: It’s okay.

Johannes: It is not okay!

Yuda: But I only cause you trouble.

Johannes: But I wanted to be with you, so it can’t be helped.

They are in full embrace when Ralph walks in on the scene.

Ralph: Johannes! Are you all right?

Johannes (under his breath): No, I’m not all right. Just when the mood was getting good …

Yuda: (under her breath to Johannes) Calm down

Ralph (to the couple): You will never be safe and these types of things with continue. Even so, do you still want to be together?

Johannes has collapsed again and Yuda is supported him. They look at each other in affirmation and holds hands. “Yes” says Yuda.

Yuda’s narration: This person and I came together for peace so I thought. Perhaps…, no always, I will have this feeling of not wanting to left go of this hand.

They smile as they hold hands. Then Johannes earnestly asks Yuda why she isn’t wearing a nurse’s outfit and Yuda then regrets having nice thoughts about him.

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