Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 6, part 1

This chapter opens with Johannes and Yuda enjoying a lovely drink through a heart shaped straw for two. Two maids are looking on and commenting about love-love they are today and how the other has heard that they’ve begun an exchange diary.

The engaged couple have both been busy for a long time and are not accustomed to seeing one another. So they are using the diary to convey their warm thoughts.

They remark about how romantic it is and how they yearn for that type of relationship. Then they talk about the fishing trip the couple will be going on tomorrow where they can confirm their love until their hearts are content.

The next day: Johannes is flashing a sparkling smile while holding out his hand to help Yuda. He is wearing some goofy outdoor wear composed of plain shirt, a fringed scarf, topped but a dark hooded jacket. He is carrying a messager bag across his shoulders. “Here Yuda, watch your step,” he says. Yuda bounds across the little stream without help. She is dressed in full river fisherman’s gear and looks even more like a dork than Johannes. The narration explains how their relationship is different from the love-love relationship everyone thinks they have. Back to the scene … Johannes is dumbfounded and explains,” When a person goes through the trouble of offering help, don’t ignore them.” Yuda returns, ” Me crossing shouldn’t have worried you.” To which Johannes in exasperation says, “Even though you crossed, you should have understood the mood. Anyway, what’s with that outfit! Couldn’t you have dressed cuter for our date?!” In his fantasy he had hoped Yuda would be wearing a cute sundress and a hat (his fantasy reminds me a lot of Tamaki’s fantasies about Haruhi). Yuda blushes and looks a little like a scared rodent. Nervously she responds, ” Don’t think this is da-date, please! We are only going out to stop the war and everyone is going along with our act. We only went out today because I was curious about fishing.” Johannes laughs off her little speech, ” I know and liking me is something that is not going to happen.”

“Not now and not ever!” Yuda confirms. Johannes changes the subject. “Anyhow, everyone is late. I told them the general place we’d be” (not really … heheh). He reaches for Yuda’s hand and Yuda retracts her hand in shock.

Lately, when I’m with Johannes-sama my heart beats fast when we touch. At first I hated Johannes-sama but … I don’t understand myself now

Yuda narrates. Meanwhile, Johannes still has his hand out and then tries to grab Yuda’s hand, resulting in what looks like a game a “slappies.” “Darn she’s fast” Johannes thinks as she dodges his every attempt.

Later, Johannes has caught a small fish. “Look Yuda! Doesn’t it look delicious!” he proudly says as his shows off the fish. Meanwhile, Yuda looks like she having a miserable time. Despite reading a bunch of books about fishing she has yet to catch a fish. Johannes approaches with the bait and says, “Since you are a novice, I can attach the bait if you think it’s yucky.” Yuda grabs the bait and quickly turns around, insisting that she can do it herself. Her face is bright red from embarrassment. Again Johannes is having some Tamaki-like fantasy of Yuda in her sundress clinging to him in fear of the bait. Yuda, on the other hand, is trying to calm down. “No good. No matter what I do, when he gets close, my heart pounds.” She recalls again Johannes explaining that her condition is because she loves him. She shakes her head to get rid of the thoughts.

Why is it like this … no matter how I think about it, it’s wrong because Johannes-sama is so violent. But I don’t think he’s a bad person

She thinks. Then her thoughts are abruptly interrupted. Johannes is close and holding her fishing rod with her. “Yuda! Look you’ve got a bite! Reel it in slowly,” he says. Slowly, they reel it in, but it gets away. “Too bad!” Johannes says with a beaming smile. Yuda is surprised by his cuteness. “Don-don’t come near me please!” Johannes, confused, says he was just trying to give her some advice. Yuda says that when he stand next to her, he interferes with her efforts. Johannes is again frustrated. “Fine!” he says, “Do as you please even though you haven’t caught one fish and I’ve caught many!” Yuda yells back, “Don’t worry! I will catch a bigger fish than Johannes-sama!” As soon as she says it, Yuda regrets her actions. “Dammit…I said too much again … dammit … why do I always act this way. We have nice conversations in the diary. So why when face-to-face … no good, no good my heart keeps beating faster.” she thinks. Yuda starts to walk while she zoning out. Johannes turns and says to her, “Hey, Yuda! It’s slippery. Be careful.” And into the drink Yuda goes.

Yuda is soaked from head to toes and she looks absolutely pitiful. Unfortunately, their luggage hasn’t arrived. Johannes gives her his jacket and tells her to get out of the wet clothes so she won’t catch a cold. He then walks off to give her some privacy. As Yuda changes she thinks about how she feels weird when Johannes is nice. Meanwhile Johannes has begun to worry because the guards are now 2-hours late. He then hears Yuda screaming …

-to be continued tomorrow because it’s late and my brain is failing me-

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