Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 5, Chp 21, Part 2

It’s now Christmas Day and Sachie’s classmates have arrived for the party. Her classmates are in awe of the grandeur of her house — the gate is so big. Sachie is a little embarrassed. The class president thanks her for allowing them to visit. She attempts to greet him formally and he tells her that the formality isn’t necessary. And then Sachie opens the gate to find the yakuza in their formal dress (complete with the family crest) bowing deeply to welcome Sachie’s guests. Sachie quickly closes the gate and explains to her guests that things aren’t quite ready and then she re-enters the gate and angrily tells the yakuza that it’s Christmas and that they need to change into some other clothes. The yakuza change and it’s time to let the guests in again. As they are going in, Igarashi notices the sign on the door that identifies the family. He covers it from the sight and bids the students swift entry by enticing the girls with the possibility of a night of fun with him. Sachie is grateful for the Igarashi’s nice save.

Inside, Azuma is serving drinks and the kids are playing the King Game with the yakuza. Everybody is having fun which pleases and relieves Sachie. While cleaning up after eating the class president volunteers to help her. He praises her cooking and she explains that she does this everyday. “But you are a princess” class president counters with a dead pan face. Yikes!!! Sachie tries to cover by saying the saying the even though she’s a princess, she still has to do various things. “Oh, like a fairy tale princess,” class president says and for a minute he looks like “evil Igarashi”, but then his face goes very serious and he asks, “Does the Wakamura household perhaps …” Sachie tenses up — “oh crap what is he thinking” she wonders. “… have a bad child?” class president concludes. And in walks Raizo dressed as Santa which breaks the tense situation. Igarashi soon arrives and remarks that Raizo makes a strange Santa. In passing, Igarashi tells Sachie to be wary of the class president. Sachie wonders whether she has something to aware of about the class president.

Time for dessert. It’s a Christmas cake and the yakuza mistakenly put candles on it so it looks like a birthday cake. As they are singing, one of the students says that she thinks she remembers the yakuza from the cultural festival. They were the acting troupe that came to the school. “You live with them?” she asks. “Why didn’t you tell us?” she continues. For a moment Sachie’s world is ending. She wants to tell everyone and she wants to introduce her family properly. She clasps her hands tightly as she decides what do. Igarashi looks on with interest and the yakuza are stunned into silence. Sachie has decided and she tells them, “Actually these people take care of me. There are … my family.” The yakuza are deeply touched, Azuma looks proud, and Igarashi … well .. I guess he looks slightly relieved or something. All of her friends smile back warmly and the girl who spoke up says, “That’s great! You have a nice family.” The tension is instantly lifted and everyone looks relieved. Igarashi looks a little defeated, though — perhaps sharing a secret with Sachie was a bond with her and now that bond of secrecy is broken. Raizo and his second in command look on proudly. Second-in-command says, “Ojou-sama is surrounded by good friends.” And then they all celebrate and, I imagine, eat the cake.

In the middle of the fun, Sachie hears a familiar sound. It turns out to be class president’s cell phone ring tone. It’s his Dad on the line and class president explains that he has the ringtone because his Dad is a policeman (I guess the ringtone is a sound associated with police — perhaps a siren sound???). Class president turns his phone to Sachie and the yakuza and says, “Dad would like to greet you all.” Sachie and the yakuza are in great shock. “A policeman!?” they all collectively think.

— End of Chapter —

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