Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 5, Chp 21, Part 1

It’s a new volume of “Arakure.” I’m working my way through this so slowly — argh, I’m even driving myself crazy by my pace. Anyhow, this chapter picks up directly after the last. Recall that Sachie’s class is coming over for a Christmas party.

Sachie bursts hysterically onto the scene yelling, “Everyone get out” which the yakuza interpret to mean a raid is happening. The excited yazuka spring into action asking which group is raiding them and then Sachie quickly realizes that they got the wrong idea. The head of the low level guys comes in and assures everyone that there’s no raid, but rather Sachie’s classmate are coming over for a Christmas party. With a desperate look on her face she explains to them all that she fears her friends will find out the identity of her family. Igarashi and Azuma look on with mild shock. Igarashi then turns evil on her and with a wicked smiles asks, “You understand, so why did you invite them over?” Sachie is embarrassed and in tears. She couldn’t bring herself, at the time, to turn down the class president’s request, plus, the girls in class are excited about coming to see where Igarashi lives. Sachie retreats into her own little world. She’s got a crazy smile on her face that frightens the yakuza. The yakuza decide for Sachie’s sake they will figure out some way to hide their identity and they swear this on their tattoos to Sachie.

Later that night Igarashi goes to check on Sachie who is outside reflecting. He starts a conversation with. “Can’t sleep?” he says. Sachie turns and he continues, “What’s wrong? Everyone is going out of their way for you and you’ve got a sad face. ” Sachie looks sad and blushes a little. She says that she feels self loathing for selfishly inviting her classmates over and then telling everyone that they had to hide. She feels bad for being so reckless. Igarashi being Igarashi put on his fake smile and replies, “If you weren’t Sachie-sama then your ass would have been kicked.” His comment didn’t help and now she feels worse. She turns around and rests her chin on the deck railing in a heavy mope. Igarashi pats her on the head and then seriously explains that the guys are doing it for honor. Sachie says, “I can’t say I understand that but if we didn’t have to deceive everybody, I really would like to properly introduce everyone.” Igarashi is moved by her sentiment, but at the same time he knows that being deceptive is for the best. He tells her, “That’s true. I’m no stranger to being deprived so I know sometimes there are things we can’t say or tell others. This is all the more true when someone is happy. That happiness has to be protected daily.” Sachie looks up at him with concern and asks, “Are there things you don’t want other to know?” Igarashi thinks back to his past and replies, “There are” to Sachie. Then he turns Casanova on her and says, “but I will show everything to Sachie-sama. Now which secret do you want to know?” He appears to loosen the collar of his sweatshirt in preparation to take it off. Sachie is completely taken off guard and yells, “No thank you!” She looks repulsed. “Well too bad because quite frankly you should have,” Igarashi says slyly as he turns and heads inside. Sachie is very embarrassed and implores Igarashi to stop teasing her. Igarashi continues making small talk remarking that it’s cold outside. Sachie wonder whether he really would have stripped and let’s out, “Igarashi … won’t you get sick?” Igarashi returns to Sachie’s side and completely ignoring her concern and says, “This will be everyone’s first Christmas so let’s look forward to it. We’ll have a fun Christmas.” His smile is very warm and inviting and Sachie wants to believe him, but she has her doubts but she sets to her mind to making this the best Christmas. “Hai!!!” She says enthusiastically in response.

To be continued …

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