Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 3, Chp 15

This chapter leaves off directly where the last chapter ended with Sachie and Igarashi surprised to learned that the brat, named Kou, they encountered earlier is the son of a visiting gang head. The kid makes some comment about Sachie’s unsexy panties from when he flipped her skirt up earlier. Sachie starts roughly lecturing the kid while the rest of the yakuza, in fear, try to calm her down. The kid threatens to tell Sachie’s grandfather that she was rude to him, so Sachie stops her rant and tries to be nice to the boy. Enter the boy’s father and Sachie grandfather. The father says to the boy, “Where have you been aimlessly wandering around? I take my eye off of you for one sec9ond and you disappear. You could have at least called, what were you thinking?” Kou’s father is all up in Kou’s grill — so to speak. Sachie is very pleased because an adult has come to discipline Kou. But Kou, being the manipulative brat that he is, gets all teary and lies about being lost and not wanting to disturb his father while he was working. The father forgives him and Raizo sympathizes and calls Kou a good boy. Kou turns and gives Sachie a sh*t-eating grin (little prick!).

Some time passes and Sachie and company are walking into the main house. Sachie is uneasy as she thinks about the two nights she will have to endure with this brat. Igarashi holds her hand and tells her it’s all right because he will protect her. Sachie resolves to do her best. Kou basically runs Sachie all around the house being mean to her the entire time. He wants to play a video game, he wants something to drink, and so on. Igarashi gets pissed and pulls the kid aside to ask him if he’s having fun yet. The other yakuza break up the confrontation.

Off to the store to buy the ingredients for some meals. Kou reveals that he’s never eaten with his father because his father is too busy. The look on the boy’s face reminds Sachie of the sad,but smiling look on the face of her first love (Igarashi, but she hasn’t connected the dots yet). Sachie decides that she going to help bring father and son together through food, but Igarashi warns her to stay out of other family’s business. Sachie continues to talk about the pleasing effects of food. There are some nice drawings of Igarashi looking very sweet and handsome as he listens to Sachie. She then tells Igarashi that the boy reminds her of her of the boy who sends her the New Years Cards, so she just can’t leave Kou alone. Igarashi is shocked and then blushes furiously as Sachie leaves the room to give Kou a snack.

When delivering the snacks she suggests to Kou that he help her prepare dinner and that she will get his father to eat with them. Kou gets mad and slaps the tray out of Sachie’s hand saying that it will never happen. Sachie has now had it with Kou and says to the boy, “Do you think I’m going to forgive you this time?” She then unloads on the kid about how selfish he is. In the middle of her tongue lashing, Kou’s father comes in and startles Sachie. “Oh, crap!” Sachie thinks, but she doesn’t apologize. Rather stands up for her actions and then braces herself for a bitch slap. However, the father doesn’t slap her, rather he says that for standing up to Kou and scolding him she would make a good wife. Kou is stunned in a good way. Igarashi is stunned in a bad way and knits his eyebrows in confusion.

End of Chapter
End of Volume 3

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