Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 3, Chp 13

This chapter begins with a flashback to Jin and Yukie (Sachie’s mother) when they were teenagers. Jin is remembering the day Yukie left the house. That day she told him, “Bye Jin, you are always very refreshing and pure hearted.” Jin’s thoughts at that time are, “confined and protected, do you not need my hand anymore?” Back to Jin at the present time — He has a stunned look on his face as Sachie flies out of the 4th story window. Igarashi is yelling “Sachie-sama!!”

On the next page we see Sachie’s and Igarashi’s hands as they are about to meet. They connect and they interlace their fingers, tightly curling them around one another’s hand in tight bond. Together, their fall backwards is cushioned by a bush. Sachie raises her hand and gives a victory sign over Igarashi’s back as Igarashi hugs her close. She completes her victory by giving Jin a cheesemo victory grin. She says to Igarashi, “you are just in time.” Igarashi goes into a panic, saying, “Just in time …. NOT!!” and continues fussing about how she jumped out of a 4th story window. He then asks whether she’s hurt and asks how many fingers he’s holding up. She assures him that she is fine and then Igarashi hugs her again and says to Sachie, “Thank goodness you’re safe…”

By this time, Jin has come down to see what’s going on. Igarashi is very protective and pushes Sachie behind him. He has a very angry look on his face. “It was you, Jin-san” he says as Jin lights up a cigarette. Igarashi, looking annoyed, explains that he figured out it was Jin because his MO is the same as always. Slow as ever, it dawns on Sachie that Jin and Igarashi know each other and she wonders what kind of person Jin is. Igarashi formally introduces Sachie to Jin. Jin used to be Yukie’s bodyguard. Sachie is shocked and then wonders why he did what he did if he is a member of “the family.” Igarashi asks Jin what his object was and Jin tells him that he wanted to test him and then sarcastically congratulates him for passing. He then talks about how he found it hard to believe that Igarashi was given such an important role as Sachie’s bodyguard. He then says to Igarashi, “In case I didn’t tell you, you are not at all scared or smelly like you used to be, Hetare, but as of now, you are above your limit. The Princess was taken and and you could not protect her.” “To make things worse,” he continues, ” in the end you had to rely of the Ojou’s power. How can you possibly be a bodyguard?” Jin then stops in his tracks and looks surprised. Sachie has pulled a gun on him. She lowers the weapon and yells back, “He didn’t rely on my power, we combined our power!” Igarashi is dumbfounded and wonders where Sachie got the gun from. Jin is annoyed. Sachie points the gun back at Jin and urges Igarashi to say something. Igarashi retorts, “Like I will porotect you.” (I think Igarashi feels somewhat outdone by Sachie’s awesome show of girl power.) Sachie, frustrated and red cheeked, desparately says to Igarashi, “I don’t know this guy’s definition of protection, but at the time when I was kidnapped, I believed in you, so I jumped because I knew Igarashi-san came to save me.”

“Annoying, annoying, annoying” Jin thinks. Igarashi is no longer the spoiled Hetare that was always at his back. Sachie is still yelling, hurling insults at Jin as Igarashi tries to safely get control of the handgun. Jin smiles, approaches Sachie and pats her on the head. He tells Sachie that she is definitely that person’s daughter.

In walks Sachie’s grandfather and the rest of gang. They wonder what Jin is doing at the onsen. Jin very humbly asks for forgiveness and then informs everyone that through some circumstances the previous owner of the onsen ran away and that he is now the owner. Further more, there is a feast awaiting all of them on the veranda. At the feast, Igarashi is crowding Sachie so she can’t eat and tasting her food before she eats it. He’s being an ass and taunting Jin who is trying his best to make Igarashi understand that he has nothing more to worry about. Sachie wonders why Igarashi is being so protective. As Sachie is eating, Jin asks if she likes the taste of the food. Sachie remarks that something she had eaten earlier was her favorite and Jin tells her that her preference in food is like her mother’s. Excited now, Sachie asks Jin what her mom was like when she was younger. Bluntly, Jin tells her that Yukie was “very manly.” Sachie frustrated goes of in search of something to drink, leaving Jin and Igarashi alone together. Jin asks Igarashi if he’s found his precious person yet. Igarashi replies affirmatively and flashes a warm smile as Jin reflects with his cigarette in hand.

Meanwhile, Sachie finds Azuma who got some sake, so she starts to drink with him. A little later Igarashi comes with something else for Sachie to drink and finds Sachie totally wasted. She’s acting flirty towards him and slurring her speech. She holds her finger up to to Igarshi’s lips to quiet him so she can drunkenly tell him not to bully her. The other yakuza find this too cute and pass out. Igarashi looks embarrassed like whatever intimacy he and Sachie share, has just been exposed. He then switches on the evil grin and apologizes. Azuma is taking pictures of Sachie in her drunken state. She then gets back to Jin, asking him in slurred words to tell her more about her mother. Igarashi, then takes control of the situation and declares that he carrying Sachie to her room. He puts Sachie on his back and as he walks away with her, Jin says that he envies Igarashi and that he should try hard to enjoy the time he has with Sachie as her protector, implying that some day they will have to part. He tells Igarashi to never let Sachie’s hand go. Igarashi stops and asks Jin whether he was in love with Yukie. Jin replies, “so what if I was.” Igarashi dismisses the comment with a smile and replies to the previous comment Jin made, saying that he’s prepared to do what he must and then walks off. Alone in his thoughts, Jin hopes that if Igarashi can grab hold of Sachie, that they will have a different future than he had with Yukie.

As Igarashi walks back to the resort with Sachie on his back, Sachie wakes up to admire the moon. She says it looks as though she could grab it. Igarashi say something like, “No matter how you pursue it, you can’t shorten the distance.” Sachie get’s punchy and plays with his ears. Igarashi blushes furiously. Igarashi finaly lays Sachie to rest in her bed. The narration reads something like, “Even if this person did not return my hand (feelings), at no time will I ever give up. In the background of the narration, Jin is looking at a old picture of Yukie. Igarashi is in the background of the words, “Never give up” He looks down tenderly at Sachie and strokes her cheek with the back of his knuckles. Sachie mumbles, “Igarashi … don’t hold onto everything by yourself. Believe in me.” Igarashi is surprised and remembers Sachie’s speech about how they used their combined power to get out the kidnapping situation. The end narration is hard for me to translate, but here’s my stab at it. “How long will I dream of the moon that this hand grasps.”

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