Manga Review: Nightmares for Sale

Wow! Another stinker here! This manga is a series of short stories about a pawn shop that deals in cursed artifacts. The cursed artifacts are created by human hatred and desire … sigh … I only read two of the stories before giving up and deciding not to waste anymore of my precious life and neurons on this crap. The first story involves a girl who was bullied, who thinks that she can buy her way out of being bullied. She buys her friends rings as symbols of their friendship. Things go bad and the girl’s hatred builds until she snaps and decides to bite off the ring fingers of her tormentors. Yes, it sounds cool, but it really isn’t. The next short story plays like a “lite” version of the “Twilight Zone.” A fashion model consumed by vanity wishes to look good in photographs. Her wish is granted and she looks good in photographs at the expense of her youth in real life. She dies after being photographed too many times. Again, it sounds cool, but it really isn’t. That’s as far as I got.

I would call this a horror manga series fit for ‘tween girl except the manga is rife is foul language. I’m not sure what the editor was thinking. Perhaps, they were trying to get ‘tweens attention by getting themselves slapped with an OT rating. Sigh … I’m sure those ‘tweens won’t be disappointed. Anybody else over the age of 13, though, will be sorely disappointed. 0/5 because this manga really sucked.

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