Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 3, Chp 11

This chapter begins with Sachie describing how Igarashi acts like a sparking prince to her and how her heart won’t stop beating fast when he’s near.

Next page: It’s spring and the cherry trees are blooming. Sachie has just won a 3 day, 2 night trip to a hot spring. Of course Sachie is excited but her excitement is tempered with the realization that it’s going to be tough for her to go on the trip on her own terms. Igarashi has a cheesmo smile on his face and declares that he’s going because he is her caretaker. Igarashi is joined by the rest of “family” and they insist upon going as well. It’s pretty much a hopeless for Sachie, so the whole family comes to the hot springs with her.

They arrive at the hot springs and there are lots of cherry trees blooming. Sachie thinks back to her childhood and watching the sakura at her neighborhood park with her mother. She’s never seen sakura on such a large scale before. She’s greatly charmed by the idea of watching the cherry blossoms with everybody. In the background her grandfather starts singing anka songs. It’s quite embarrassing. The gangsters are moved by the old man’s singing. Next comes Igarashi, who after some encouragement from the boss, does a graceful twirling dance in the falling sakura. He is wearing traditional costume and holding a fan and some bells. Azuma watches on and comments that Igarashi is a graceful one (the way he says it, though, could have double meaning, implying that because Igarashi dances so gracefully that he’s a “small man”). Sachie is entranced by Igarashi and his dancing. In her eyes he is dazzling.

Later they check into their rooms. Sachie and Sachie’s grandfather each have separate rooms while the rest of the family shares a single very large room. Sachie is happy to be able to sleep peacefully by herself, but she seems a little envious of the guys staying in the big group room (I guess she doesn’t want to miss any of the fun).

Igarshi tells Sachie that she should go and try out the hot water bath because it will affect her body (it the “Beautiful Women’s Bath). Sachie is offended, taking it as though she’s not a beautiful women. Igarashi tells her not to worries since he considers her a special existence. Meanwhile Sachie’s grandfather is talking to a close companion about how lively things have become since Sachie came to live with him. He worries, though, that he has made a bad choice by having his good natured and spirited granddaughter live in a yakuza household. He says he feels obligated for find a good man for Sachie (presumably not yakuza) so she can be happy. Sachie’s grandfather feels that he must do this in order to face Sachie’s mother in the afterlife. Igarashi overhears the conversation and looks saddened.

Back to Sachie who is stewing in the hot water bath. She is thinking of Igarashi’s dance and how beautiful he was. As she is washing up, she thinks about how strange she has become toward him and how her heart beats fast and her breath becomes short just from seeing him. She thinks since seeing him dance, suddenly the scenery has become colorful and vivid. Her chest hurts … she doesn’t understand her pain. Then she gets mad again thinking about the perceived insult about the beautiful women’s bath and she decides to get out since it isn’t doing anything for her. Her thoughts about Igarashi soften again as she wonders when he learned to dance and thinks about how even though he is always beside her, she knows very little about him. Sachie didn’t get out of the hot water fast enough and passes out. Some lady’s find her.

After her bath, she joins Azuma to play ping pong. Igarashi looks on jealously (he’s probably thinking about how Azuma is not yakuza). She invites Igarashi to play, but Igarashi is feeling emo and declines telling Sachie that he’s not good at and that he’s doing to bathe instead. One his way out, Igarashi accidentally bumps into a man with dark hair and sunglasses. Igarashi excuses himself and the man recognizes Igarashi. Igarashi finds a doorway to sulk in. He calls himself stupid and wonders why he ran away. Sachie finds him. Apparently he was sulking in the big room the lower yakuza are sharing. Sachie says that she brought cards to play with him since he’s bad at ping pong. Sachie happily looks around the room remarking that the futons are all set-out and it looks like a school field trip. Somehow, Sachie manages to get to the ground on her back with Igarashi above her. He’s constrained her wrists and looks like he’s coming in for the attack. He begins to play with her hair.

Meanwhile the guy in the sunglasses asks the hotel clerk to show him the guest registry. He sees the Asagiri group registered and says that he has a debt to pay to them. Back to Sachie and Igarashi … Sachie is in wide-eyed deer-in-the-headlights panic mode as Igarashi is closing in. Her cellphone is ringing, which breaks the situation. It’s Azuma on the phone. Sachie clumsily explains that everybody must be looking for her. Igarashi stroking his chin, says “Azuma-san” and then takes Sachie phone out of her hand and hangs it up. He has a rather stern and menacing look on his face. Sachie narrates, “I didn’t know myself that a storm was coming”.

Igarashi seems a little over possessive at times. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

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