Lots of New Manga — Quick Reviews of Volume 1

“Love Master A” — Girl of 1000 broken hearts is made class president by a male harem that what looking for a mistress. It feels like a shabby wannabe “Ouran Host Club” I couldn’t get through the entire first volume — 1/5

“Shiki Tsukai” — A boy is born with unknown powers that are influenced by the seasons. A beautiful maiden of spring, who happens to be the daughter of some big corporation owner, comes to protect the boy. It’s not very interesting. 2/5 but I did read the entire first volume.

“Suppli” — Whiny working women in her late 20’s breaks up with her boyfriend of 7-years, now worries about growing old alone. “Kimi wa Petto” (Tramps Like Us) and “Hataraki Man” are much, much better. I got through the first chapter only before I became bored with the main character’s self indulgent whining — 1/5

“My Dearest Devil Princess” — short and unathletic Keita buys a box from his friend who promises the box will grant him wishes. Keita opens the box and a sexy devil appears who promises him three wishes in exchange for his soul. This manga is basically a bunch of fan service — low on story development, character development, and originality. The only saving grace of this story is the gay track captain who’s in love with Keita and the vice class president who is crushing on the track captain. She thinks the track captain is after the devil. 1.5/5

“Puri Puri” — Masato, who dreams of being a priest, enters an all girl’s divinity school. Apparently at this school all the girls wear dangerously short skirts and don’t know the first thing about Catholicism. This is fan service at its worse. 1/5 because I did get through the entire volume. It was funny, but there’s no reason to set this story in a “divinity school.”

“Short Sunzen” — A violent girl, violent boy love story. The drawings are really bad and the stories are forgettable. “Cheeky Angel” is better. 2.5/5

“Enchanter” — A demon finds a boy, Haruhiko, with the same smell of her former master, Fulcanelli. The demon looks like the teacher Haruhiko is crushing on. Together with Fulcanelli’s, Haruhiko and the demon, Eukanaria, fight off demons who are attacking the teacher. There is some humor, but overall the story lacks originality. 3/5 for an average manga.

“Love Attack” — A violent girl, violent boy love story done right. This first volume had lots of sincerity and humor. 5/5

“Monkey High” — The jaded uppity daughter of a disgraced politician transfers to a public school. There she meets a boy who reminds her of a baby monkey. His innocence charm melts her heart. This manga so far is very sweet. 5/5

“To Terra” (Terra e) — The manga the anime is based upon. Like the anime, it is excellent! I highly recommend reading it. 5/5

“Pretty Face” — A karate macho gets into a accident and awakens a year later with the face of the girl he’s love with. Mistaken for dead, his parents move away in sorrow and he is mistaken on the street to be the twin sister of the girl he’s in love with. To make her happy, he decides to live as her big sister until her real sister is found. The manga series starts off sweet and sincere with sprinklings of raunchy boy fantasy. 4/5 — because I feel the main conceit is going to get old quickly.

“Shinshoku Kiss” –16-year old Kotoko admires the reknown doll maker Fool. While out scouting for beautiful people, Kotoko is kidnapped by Fool and told that she has to be his assistant or die. And so begins Kotoko’s bizarre relationship with Fool. I like the drawing style of this manga a lot and I also like how I’m not really sure what Fool’s intentions are. 5/5 for a creepy manga.

“Walking Butterfly” — This is the story of Michiko, a 6-foot tall girl who hates her body. Consumed by anger and self loathing she lives on the fringes of society doing odd jobs and petty crime. While delivering pizzas, she is mistaken for a model and dressed to go out on the runway. The clothing designer, Mihara, recognizes right away that she’s no model and tells Michiko that she couldn’t handle one second out on the runway. He’s right and Michiko runs out, but at the same time has a breakthrough, realizing that modeling is something she can do and feeling all fired up by Mihara’s challenge. 4/5 — for a good start with a deduction for some self indulgent whining on Michiko’s part.

“Heaven!!” — This light confection of a manga is about Rinnie, who can send ghosts to heaven with her harisen; Uzaki, a yankee punk with bad taste; and a lecherous God in search of a body. Uzaki gets run over by a bus while trying to save Rinnie and end up in a coma. The God takes over Uzaki’s body and condemns Uzaki’s soul to a stuffed pink monkey. It turns out that the God has a much better personality and fashion sense than Uzaki, so once he gets Uzaki’s body cleaned up, the new and improved Uzaki is a handsome lady killer. Oh, what’s a poor pink monkey plushie to do? 4/5 — for a promising premise, but there doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to go with the story.

“VB Rose” — I didn’t expect to like this manga about a high school girl who assists a pair of guys who run a wedding dress boutique. Surprisingly, it’s a sweet story about a Ageha who idolized sister has just revealed to her family that she’s pregnant and is marrying the father of her child, a man Ageha considers less than worthy. Ageha designs handbags and has a local following, that includes Yukari and Mitsuya of VB Rose. While working through her emotions about her sister, Ageha volunteers to help make her sister’s dress … and so begins VB Rose. 5/5 for great character development and an examination of a sibling relationship that is universally common.

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  • Please translate V.B. Rose! Apparently, mangafox and several other (english translated) manga [viewers(?)] are discontinuing this series.. 😦 please help us out! 🙂 I’m sorry to ahve bothered you..


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