Manga Review: Tramps Like Us (Kimi wa Petto)

“Tramps Like Us” finally wrapped up. The last volume covers Sumire’s introduction to Takeshi’s family, an event Takeshi dreads. The rest of the volume wraps up the Hasumi side story, wraps up the Rumi sidestory, does a flashback of the friendship between Sumire and Yuri, and finally covers the last few hours before Sumire’s and Takeshi wedding. It’s all very sweet. Sumire finally experiences “love” as she and Takeshi become a family.

This manga series is most definitely for adults. I really don’t recommend it to anyone under 16, not because of the nudity and sex scenes, but because it takes some life experience to truly appreciate this manga. At the beginning of this series, Sumire is truly in a bad state and in a word, “crazy.” Takeshi isn’t all together himself, either. It really takes some “special” thinking to take a man in, literally, as a pet. But you have to understand, that Sumire is so broken, that this is the level of emotional attachment she can handle. This is also reflected in her strained relationship with Hatsumi. She seems to admire him, but she never opens up to him to show her real self and she is never able to gain intimacy as a result of having sex with him. Also Hatsumi has some problems too. He created an idealistic vision of Sumire rather than make the effort to get to know her.

Overall, this is an excellent drama with some very comedic moments. I highly recommend it. There is also a 10-episode live action version of this manga out there in the ether called “Kimi wa Petto.” Check them both out! 5/5

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