Summary: Arakure (Wild Ones), Vol 2, Chp 9

This chapter is pretty short.

The cultural festival is now on and Sachie’s class has made the Hades Cafe — a realm of the dead themed eatery. Sachie is the receptionist and she’s really into it so she’s doing an excellent job of being scary. So far the cafe is a big success and Sachie and her friend are celebrating. As promised, Igarashi comes to help, but he is dressed as normal waiter. He is devastatingly handsome, so much so, that Sachie can’t look at his face. The girls all spot him, and come after him … so much for helping out because now, poor Igarashi has to hide.

A little later, Azuma finds Sachie and Igarashi to tell them that the Film Studies Club filmed their run in with the photo thief and is showing the film during the cultural festival. The president is telling everyone in the audience that she has captured the true character of Sachie Wakamura while showing pictures of Sachie kicking a guy and the thuggish guys that surround her. The president asks Sachie to explain herself. Igarashi steps in and says it’s nothing special, just everyday life. The crowd is not pleased with Igarashi’s explanation and starts talking trash. Igarashi, Sachie, and Azuma leave the room and when outside Sachie apologizes to them. Igarashi and Azuma each take one of her hands and swear to protect her. They return to the area near the Film Studies Club exhibit and overhear people talking about how Sachie isn’t a princess, princess, but rather a yakuza princess. Igarashi tells Sachie to endure it, which she is able to until some of the students start bad mouthing Igarashi. They say that he’s the worst for being yakuza. This sets Sachie of and she says something to effect of:

Good, bad. Thoughtless people who make judgements should shut-up unless they want to pass through this yakuza because if it’s fight you want to buy, I’m selling.

Everybody is shocked because she sounds very yakuza-like. Sachie is extremely pissed and thinks about her precious grandfather, yakuza family, and Igarashi. Igarashi steps in to try to console her while Sachie is still going off. “I will not forgive you for your foul mouths!” she shouts. “I will never forgive you for hurting my loved ones” she continues yelling. Igarashi finally manages to get his hands on her, and, in true Igarashi style uses one arm to secure her by the waist and the other to cover her eyes with his hand. He whispers in her ear, “Why do you fight alone?” “We’re here” he says with a cheese-mo smile and there, Sachie’s yakuza family has arrived. They are wearing jackets that read “Asagi-group Theatrical Troup” making it seem as though the film Studies Club has only captured a performance and not actual yakuza. The Film Studies Club president is then caught by Igarshi in the bushes filming. She realizes she’s in trouble. Igarashi takes away her cameracorder and crushes it with his bare hands. He looks quite wicked. The students are convinced by the theatrical troupe thing and discredit the Film Studies Club. They all reconcile that Igarashi couldn’t possibly be yakuza and Igarashi reinforces that notion with a sweet smile, saying, ” Could this me appear to be yakuza.”

Back a home, Sachie is relieved the day is over and complains that she’s tired from working in the shop. And she talks about how the day went amok and Igarshi apologizes for getting involved against her will. Sachie stops him, saying it was her carelessness that caused the trouble and that he had nothing to do with it. “Nothing …” Igarashi says as he has moved closer to Sachie. They are face to face and very close up. Both of them look surprised that they are now eye to eye and within kissing distance. Igarashi’s eyes soften and he reaches out to stroke Sachie’s hair. He then kisses her forehead, both of them with their eyes closed. Sachie’s head is lowered and she is blushing. He says this was for her wound — there are flash backs to her defending her family and Igarashi. He continues saying, “Your words, then, made me happy.
(“I will never forgive you for hurting my loved ones!”)

And so, volume 2 comes to an end.

(it’s tough to come up with a balanced meaning for “sukina hito” — I don’t want to say “love”, it’s more a sense of a person she likes very much — almost “beloved”, be not that strong. Sigh … okay, it’s back to “love.”)

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