New Manga (to me): Otomen

After reading a brief synopsis on Manga-Updates, I finally decided to check out “Otomen.” This has got to be one of the cutest manga I’ve read in a while. It’s the story of Asuka, a young man who likes girly things and had girly hobbies (Otome + man), who hides his true self to please his mother. He was doing pretty well until he started crushing on Ryou. In comes Tachibana, an irritant, who decides that he’s going to propel Asuka’s relationship with Ryou on for his own selfish reasons. The cutest thing about this is Asuka, who is strong and cool and oh, so pure hearted and somehow this combination of protector and nuturer seems much more manily than physical strength alone. I also believe that there are more men out there like Asuka, who like things that are stereotypically considered girly, and hide their tendencies for fear of being called “gay” and ridiculed. I think this is a tragedy. Guys who can cook and have soft hearts are HOT!!! Anyhow, I liked this series so much, I bought all the available volumes of this manga from Yes Asia. The series is also currently running in “Bessatsu Hanato Yume”, which I also get. The first 6 chapters are out there in the ether, so check this series out! As I read through the bunko, I’ll give updates :).

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