New Anime: Goshushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Okay, take Jason Bourne, a succubus with man-phobia, a haughty girl in a maid outfit, and an older sister who is a bad-ass mercenary and put them in a high school anime and you end up with “Goshushou-sama Ninomiya.” So here’s the deal, Ninomiya is a high school boy with some over- the-top military fighting training who is constantly being harassed by the female students in his school. In flies a military ‘copter containing a curvaceous succubus who is very afraid of men, except for Ninomiya, who seems to be resistant to her powers — sorta. The succubus, Mayu, gives off strong pheromone which turns males into drooling zombies who try to get next to her. Ninomiya’s sister says Mayu has to move-in with them … and … enter the haughty girl (I’ve forgotten her name) who is Ninomiya’s childhood friend as well as the student council president. Through some circumstances, she becomes a maid at Ninomiya’s house. Ninomiya’s older sister and Mayu’s older brother insist that Ninomiya must help train Mayu to rid herself of her man-phobia so she can control her pheromones. The training, of course, is basically a bunch of fan-service. This anime is very funny, and that’s all I’ll say for now.

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