Review: Black God, Volume 1

When I saw this manga in the bookstore, I thought that it would be interesting. A loser of a guy gets in a fight to protect a homeless looking girl at a ramen stand loses his arm in the fight and wakes up the next morning with somebody else’s arm. That was the first chapter and then from there it goes down hill fast. The rest of the manga seems to be one long and violent fight between the girl and some monstrous guy … like I even care why. And it doesn’t really matter, because the story does not give a reason for this fight other than this street thug asshole likes to fight strong opponents. It’s pretty obvious I won’t be continuing this lovely tale of violence and fan service, that is if you can call a panty shot while the heroine is being beaten mercilessly “fan service”. 1/5 for a promising start and then a complete let down.

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