Manga Review: You are My Girlfriend

“Your are my Girlfriend” is a short 4 chapter series about a girl, Hatsune, who is unable to make female friends because of her foul mouth and uppity attitude. After all of the clubs in the school reject her, she meets Kirie, the president of the “Maiden’s Club.” Kirie comes from a family with all girl siblings, so he’s into girly things and has a make-over fetish. Kirie is able to see past Hatsune’s foul mouth and attitude and becomes her first friend. Hatsume, of course, assumes Kirie is gay and so the fun begins. This is very nice and compact story and I’m glad it was limited to 4 chapters because there wasn’t anymore story beyond that. I give this 4/5 for being very good, but it wasn’t provocative or funny enough for me to feel that I would read the series again.

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