Manga Review: Tenshi Ja Nai

“Tenshi Ja Nai” is a very soap opera-like manga. It follows the story of a girl, Hikaru, who comes to an all girl’s boarding school instead of going abroad with her mother. Her roomate, Izumi, is a popular idol, who Hikaru soon finds out is really a boy. Of course, Izumi falls in love with Hikaru, but Hikaru is having a relationship with one of the teachers — it’s a big awful mess, but nonetheless compelling. Fortunately, this manga only runs 8 volumes, so it ends before the gimmicks get too stale. I give this 4/5 because, although being good, I think it did the school teacher wrong. It would have been more interesting and realistic if the teacher had not accepted Hikaru’s advances and I could have done without the drama with the teacher’s sick cousin.

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