Anime Review: History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

This 50-episode series could have run astray like all those animes that start off good and then don’t know when to end like “Naruto”, “Inuyasha,” and “Bleach.” Fortunately, this anime has a definite story arc and it does conclude in a satisfying matter. “History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi” is the story of a wimpy teenage boy, Kenichi, who aspires to be an ally of justice who stands up for the wimpy like himself. One day he accidently walks up behind a girl Miyu, who uses some over-the-top martial arts move to bring him to the ground painfully. It’s love at first-sight for Kenich and to further his desire to become a hero and to get close ot Miyu, he moves into Miyu’s home to become a disciple of the the “Ryozanpaku” (forive me if I have gotten the name completely wrong), a group of insanely over-muscled martial artists with “god-like” skills. Most of the story is spent on Kenichi learning various styles of martial arts from his masters which is quite entertaining because the masters have nutty eccentric personalities and they put Kenichi through training that would kill real people (Muy Thai master Appachai is the runaway favorite for me and my husband). Along the way, Kenichi gets unwillingly wrapped up in the machinations of Najiima, a former bully, who decides that Kenichi is the way to fulfill his ambitions of — well, I’m not really sure what Najima is up to other than pot stirring. Either way Najiima looks like an evil Vulcan and it often refered to as the “alien” or the “Dark Lord.” Anyhow, as Kenichi gets stronger, stronger and stronger opponents seek him out, of course through the urgings of Najiima. And so the story goes as Kenichi fights his way through thug after thug, converting a few on his way to the side of good, until he gets to the head of local fight club.

My husband enjoyed this anime more than I did. It was stupid, but I have to admit that I got a lot of laughs out of the show. I give it 4/5 for great fun.

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