Anime Review: Claymore

“Claymore” is an anime series that runs 26-episodes. It is the story of a Clare, a Claymore as she quests to avenge the death of her mother figure/mentor, the top ranked Claymore Teresa of the Faint Smile. Claymores are warriors who are crossed with demons, or Yoma, to create super warriors who can draw on their Yoma powers to defeat the maneating Yoma that roam the world. Clare rescues an extremely emotional teenage boy named Raki who she makes her cook and for some reason falls in love with. And that’s pretty much it without giving away too many details about Clare and the story. This show is quite bloody, but it’s all in good fun (depending on your POV, of course). Clare is interesting, Raki is annoying, and the rest of the Claymore cast is fun too. My husband and I both enjoyed this one. The backstory about Clare and Teresa’s relationship is particularly moving and gives the viewer a good understanding of Clare’s admiration for Teresa and why Clare’s lust for vengence is justified. I give it 4.5/5, with a .5 deduction for the inclusion of the painfully whiny Raki who really doesn’t get it when the final boss tells him, “Impotence is a sin.”

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