Pearl Pink: Volume 1

I finally got around to reading the first volume of “Pearl Pink” yesterday and I was quite surprised. What’s laid out in the first volume is actually rather sweet. I ended up reading the manga twice. Anyhow, “Pearl Pink” is the story of Kanji and Tamako. Kanji is 16 or 17 and Tamako is 13. Long ago Kanji made a promise that if Tamako would quit being a crybaby he’d marry her. Ten years have passed and Tamako enters Kanji’s life again. Instead of being a crybaby, she is now a rambuctous tomboy who turns Kanji’s life upside. The back drop of the story is entertainment. Tamako’s mom is a moderately sucessful actress and Kanji’s father, who is delightfully perverted, runs the studio she works for. There is also a fun side character named Raizo who stirs things up every once in a while. Kanji has a little perverted streak too, which is nice because we wouldn’t want our main male character to be too perfect.

I have the 2nd and 3rd volumes on order and I’m a little worried because the preview at the end of volume 1 indicated that they are going to focus some attention onto Raizo and have Tamako possibly emerging as an idol. Well, I guess I find out Wednesday.

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