Yurara Volume 2

Volume 2 of Yurara is much better. The characters still aren’t very well developed, but at least there isn’t so much mindless fan service. There are three short stories featured in this volume and each is pretty good in a light comedy sort of way. If the manga ended at volume 2 that would be great. Yurara has choosen her man and her man has acknowledged her affection and returned it, so it seems like this is a good place to stop. If the story goes forward, then the mangaka really needs to work on character development and give a good explanation about how Yurara’s guardian spirit came to be and why she’s with Yurara. It would also be nice to know the origin of Mei and Yako’s powers and their connection to one another and ultimately to Yurara.

I’ve decided that this manga reminds me a little bit of “Your Majesty’s Dog” but the characters are much more interesting in that series (but the ghost stories are about on the same level). I’d say the series is readable, but definitely not worth paying full price for the manga, so buy it used or buy the Japanese version which cost about 1/2 the price.

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