Manga Review — Last Book of Jing: King of Bandits, Twilight Tales

The last the Jing: King of Bandits, The Twilight Tales manga finally came out recently (sometime in July). The Twilight Tales follow Jing in his teens. The previous volume of this manga series came out over a year ago, so I don’t remember what happened previously. I do remember, though, that the second series begins with “Seventh Heaven,” the story used for the OVA that came after the anime series.

Anyhow, this last volume was like any other Jing manga, strange. As usual the prose is poetic and the landscapes are surreal. This time Jing steals the Holy Suit, which takes off and flies him and Kir to “The Capital of Clothes and Ruin” where they meet the very petite Princess Picon (a liquor aperitif that is bitter-sweet with a hint of orange — source: Apparently, this destroyed land was a place where highly sought after clothes were made. Now there are zombies about that are controlled by the clothes. And the weirdness escalates …

I didn’t feel as though this was the end of the Jing stories, so I hope that there are more when Jing’s in his late teens or 20’s (third series please). I’d like to see him go back for that girl he fought at the end of first series and promised to come back for. They could marry and then continue on with stories of their adventures, or maybe the adventures of their children. Eventhough the Jing manga are esoteric, I still enjoy them a great deal, especially the detail that goes into creating the strange landscapes and characters. 5/5

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