Anime Review: Kiba

I finally finished “Kiba” yesterday. “Kiba” is the story of fated two best friends, Zed and Noa, that end up on a strange world, each with the destiny to be the world’s savior or destroyer. This anime series was 27 episodes too long due to numerous filler episodes that did not advance the story. In the new world they are transported to, there are humans and spirits. The spirits are used by the humans in combat and are contained with little balls called shards. Therefore, the humans that are spirit users are called “Shard Casters.” Both Zed and Noa have special extra powerful spirits, Amil Gal and Sachira, called key spirits. There are 6 key spirits in all and it is legend in this world that when the 6 key spirits are brought together within one Shard Caster, the great spirit of creation and destruction “Tasker” will be reborn. These 6 key spirits align with the 6 lands in this world, so, of course, there is an endless war to gather the key spirits to further the ambitions of each land. The lands of Task and Jimoto are the evil lands in this story. The leader of Jimoto, though, is the best villain in the story. As the series comes to the end it seems that almost everybody becomes an enemy to Zed, including Noa, and Zed is continually asking “WTF?” The animation itself isn’t anything special and neither are the characters. There’s no witty dialog and no scene in particular stands out as being good. I’m actually surprised that I managed to stick with this anime over the past couple of years, but once I had downloaded all 51 episodes, I felt obligated to finish the series (sigh … I should get back to “Kara Maou”).

This series gets a 2/5 for being barely watchable.

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