Reideen Update

I have just finished episode 12 tonight and I must say the show has gotten a little better despite that fact that Juunki is still clothed while piloting Reideen (the whole thing is so inconsistent because his clothes get blown off when he enters Reideen and then suddenly there’s that lame red suit … so irritating). Anyhow, we find out that Junnki is supposed to be some kendo bad-ass, although, he doesn’t show it when he’s fighting with Reideen. We also find out some more about the aliens hovering above Earth and a new giant robot pilot shows up names Roxell. Roxell is white haired pretty-boy with horns, an eye-patch, a tight fitting black suit and a cape — I like it! He pilots a giant silver robot called Godeon. Godeon seems pretty slick to me, so I don’t really understand why Roxell wants Reideen. Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter, because Roxell is mad at Juunki and I expect that some the hilarality will ensue when Roxell figures out some way to get to Earth and hide his horns in order to infiltrate Junnki’s high school. It’s gotta be that way or else it’s no good. Of course they’ll become allies and kick the ugly space aliens butts. I’m also waiting for Juunki to realize that the girl he likes is actually his robot’s human disguise, although, I really don’t know why a giant robot needs to fall in-love with it’s pilot and go to a festival — maybe the writers felt the need to add a Shoujo angle to increase the show’s appeal. I wonder what Godeon’s disguise is? Are we going to pull in the Shonen Ai folks too — unless Roxell is actually a girl? Hmm … my husband, though, still complains about the abundance of gundam porn.

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