Anime that I am Currently Watching

Emma: Victorian Romance (Season 2) 5/5
I got a little worried when they left episode 4 with William being caught in Eleanor’s guilt trap. I think it’s really pathetic when men marry women out of guilt (like that movie with Daniel Day Lewis, Michelle Pfieffer, and Winona Ryder — “The Age of Innocence”. That May-women was such a devil!) Anyhow, the ending of episode 5 was quite satisfying and so there’s still hope for this series. I’m so glad they didn’t make us suffer through several episodes Eleanor rediculousness before William and Emma meet up again. Eleanor is sweet, but she really has no personality.

Darker that Black: 4.5/5
I don’t know what the heck happened with Episode 7, but give me back my bad-ass in black! They started some totally out-of-the genre slap-stick detective and hot-widow story line that includes some konomaiki pink-haired loli as the detective’s assistant. If this continues, I may have to skip this story arc and hope that after an episode or two the darkness will return and our hero/anti-hero can get back to being a scary assassin.

Toward the Terra: 5/5
This series caught me by surprise. The intro, both the montage and the theme song, look like something from a really bad 80’s anime series (In fact it’s a remake of an anime from 1980 — I just checked imdb). For goodness sake, the lead character’s name is “Jomy” and his savior/mentor’s name is “Soldier Blue”, both of whom have light hair swept into a flame-like coif and when they are in their full battle uniform, they wear a goofy-looking set of giant headphones. Who’d have thought that “Jomy” is a little punk who can throw one hell of temper tantrum! I love it! Anyhow, it looks like in episode 8 they are about done introducing the Keith Ayan character, who, too, is also very interesting. He’s supposed to be a perfect android-like human, but in reality he’s turning out to be the most decent of all the characters behind the loveable teddybear of a man Sam.

Since the Shiroe kid is not in the opening credits, I am going to guess from the way episode 8 ended that he’s going to be killed off very soon :(.

Romeo X Juliet 5/5
I hope they don’t screw this one up with Romeo becoming jealous and acting against Juliet. I really don’t think that I could take that because this show has been so good. Please let Romeo be a stronger character and please let the writers not fall into that all too familiar pattern >< !!! Anyhow, I love that Mercutio dude! I can't resist a duel-wielding bad-ass in black. I'm hoping they'll be cool and let Romeo go wacko and kill his father. That old bastard is over-the-edge evil.

Hayate: Combat Butler 3/5 (kuro-neko003), 5/5 (kuro-neko003’s husband)
My husband likes this show more than I do and I’m not quite sure why … The show is really stupid and there’s no plot or rhyme or reason for the show. In episode 8 they dress poor Hayate in a cat-girl costume and then implied that the talking Tiger violated poor Hayate’s behind … sigh … oh, so crass. The episode started off and ended sweetly, though, with Maria trying to assess Hayate’s feelings toward Nagi. As for Episode 9 — more non-sense.

Nodame Cantabile 5/5
I can’t get enough of this show and the manga. See my previous postings.

Strongest Disciple Kenichi 4/5(kuro-neko003), 5/5(kuro-neko003’s husband)
My husband loves this show! I admit that it is very funny and the characters are good, but the story is going nowhere.

Sumomomo Momo: World’s Strongest Bride 3.5/5
The first 7 episodes of this show are classic and they should have ended it there, but no, it’s being dragged on and now the story is going nowhere. I really like Momo, though. She so cute and she always tries her best for her reluctant and unappreciative fiancee.

Reideen 4/5
My husband thinks this show’s gundam porn is too lengthy (I’m talking about the 2-min long scene when Reideen appears which is shown lovingly in a slow-mo fly around). Personally, I’m disappointed that Juunki now wears a cheese-mo red Power-Ranger-like suit when piloting Reideen instead of piloting naked. Somehow as a woman, I felt vidicated when he was naked. Anyhow, I’m only on episode 5 or 6 and I’m hoping soon that they’ll explain who the girl in the opening credits is.

Kekkaishi 4/5
The animated version of Kekkaishi doesn’t deviated from the manga (or at least I haven’t detected any deviation yet). I don’t like the opening theme song, but I have to admit after it hearing 20-times, it’s tag line is getting to me. As for the show itself, I think this is one of the more beautifully animated shows.

Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo 3.5/5
What could be cuter than a teenage boy with stunted growth and a big butt. The student council members are funny, but often their antics throw a wrench into any progress of the story.

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