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Kitchen Princess Volume 5

Najika is in a cooking contest and she’s upset because Daichi kissed her. Daichi decides to be an ass and says it was meaningless. Meanwhile it turns out the boys’ father is using Najika to promote his new cooking school and Sora was in on it. Najika is upset by this and Sora redeems himself and then *BIG SPOILER don’t

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Manga Summary: Penguin Revolution Volume 5

First off, let me say, for those of you out there who like “Penguin Revolution”, Tsukuba Sakura has another great manga series called, “Land of the Blindfolded”. Check it out, if you haven’t already. Okay, back to “Penguin Revolution.” In this volume we find out the secret behind “Yoko Oka”, “Ryo, and, Ayaori and the connection they share. Ayaori and

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