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Nodame Cantabile: Volume 10, Part 2

And so the conducting competition starts. There is some ongoing joke about Chiaki’s bed-head and various characters keep asking him whether he’s a late sleeper or sleeps a lot (the translation to English is a little unclear here). Some musical stuff happens and since I’m not very familiar with musical terminology, it’s not clear to me what a lot the

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Nodame Cantabile Season 1, The Live Action Version

I finished watching the first season of the live action version of “Nodame Cantabile” a couple of days ago. Portions of it I downloaded from d-addicts via bittorent and portions of it I downloaded from crunchyroll.com (after I got tired of waiting for the bittorrorrent to trickle down). The version on d-addicts is very high-quality (widescreen and high resolution) compared

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