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Anime Review: "Princess Lover!"

“Princess Lover” is a typical harem anime series that, thankfully, only runs 12 episodes.  The story is about a high schooler, Teppei, who after his parents are killed, finds out that he’s the heir to the fabulously wealthy and powerful Arima Group.  He goes to live with his grandfather and begins to attend an elite school for the children of

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Anime Review: Gundam Seed

This is 52-episodes of Gundam soap-opera goodness. In the future, humans created super humans and then became afraid of them. Accidentally a war was started and hatred upon hatred built leading to Armageddon. Friend against friend, in gundams, fight with their princesses cheering them on. Ah, yes, then there’s the tainted love of the deliciously irritating Filay. It was addicting.

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